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                                  • Hi, I have this property in a form inherited from XtraForm:
                                    protected override FormShowMode ShowMode => FormShowMode.AfterInitialization;
                                    In version 16.2.15 it does not behave in the same way as other more modern versions 17,18,19.
                                    In modern versions the screen is painted as if it were from a photo.
                                    In version 16.2.15 it looks like the form controls are painted as if it did not wait for all the controls to be loaded before viewing.
                                    We have a program that is still in version 16.2
                                    What needs to change in version 16.2 to behave as expected?

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                                • Dmitry Tor (DevExpress Support) 10.07.2019

                                  Hello Juan,
                                  To provide you with the most suitable solution, I need to better understand your scenario. Would you please describe the required result in greater detail? In addition, please describe why you need to use the ShowMode property.
                                  Also, I would appreciate it if you provide me with images that illustrate the current and required result.
                                  I look forward to your reply.

                                • JUAN ANTOÑANZAS 10.07.2019

                                  Hello, my problem is the same as detailed in this post


                                  but in version 16.2 it does not work. 

                                • Sasha (DevExpress Support) 10.07.2019

                                  Hello Juan,

                                  I've tested the ShowMode property in version 16.2.15, and it works in the same manner as in the newer versions. Would you please test the attached sample project on your side to check whether the issue occurs in it? If not, please modify the attached sample project or provide us with your own project where the issue reproducible. It will help us determine the cause of the issue and find the most suitable solution.

                                • JUAN ANTOÑANZAS 10.07.2019

                                  Hello, I have noticed that the first form does work, it is the child forms that do not work.

                                  I attached project


                                • Sasha (DevExpress Support) 10.08.2019


                                  Thank you for the sample project. I tested it with newer versions and with the standard form. In all cases, I obtain the same behavior. Please review the attached video that illustrates this. I also see that you created many buttons on your child form. Would you please clarify, whether your sample illustrates your real scenario? If so, would you please clarify why it is necessary to use many buttons?

                                  As for the issue, I didn't find a simple way to avoid flickering in the attached project. I can only suggest that you reduce the number of components simultaneously shown on your child MDI form and consider using a tabbed interface to show fewer controls at a time.

                                • JUAN ANTOÑANZAS 10.08.2019

                                  Hi, Saha,

                                  It is not a real scenario, it is a test to know if a property works or not.

                                  In this case it seems that the ShowMode property does not work on child forms and I do not understand it.

                                  Normal forms are used in the project attached, and it works correctly.

                                  What technical explanation is there so that it cannot be implemented in a child form?


                                • Sasha (DevExpress Support) 10.09.2019

                                  Hello Juan,

                                  Let me explain why the ShowMode property is not in effect when a form is used as a child MDI form. When the ShowMode property is overridden and returns FormShowMode.AfterInitialization, a form's Opacity is initially set to 0. When a form is completely initialized and shown, the Opacity is restored (by default to 1). As a result, a form is shown immediately. However, the Opacity property is not in effect when a form is used as a child MDI form. As a result, the use of ShowMode in this scenario doesn't help.

                                  I hope my explanation helps.

                                • JUAN ANTOÑANZAS 10.09.2019

                                  Thank you.


                                • Sasha (DevExpress Support) 10.09.2019

                                  You are always welcome! Please let me know if I can be of more help.

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