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                                  • In certain scenario I would need to prefetch collections using Session.PreFetch, however this collections are available using upcasting only, like this:

                                    using (UnitOfWork uow = BaseDataLayerFactory.CreateUnitOfWork()) { var responsibilities = new XPQuery<ResponsibilityProvider>(uow).ToArray(); uow.PreFetch(responsibilities, "<PersonGroupResponsibilityProvider>PersonGroup.Persons"); }

                                    However it results in PropertyMissingException. Is it right approach? Does Session.PreFetch support upcasting at all? How to proceed?

                                    Thanks a lot for you advice.

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                                Hello Svatopluk,

                                Although the Prefetch method does not support upcasting, you can achieve the required result. To do this, use the Enumerable.OfType extension method to extract PersonGroupResponsibilityProvider objects and pre-fetch their collections.

                                var personGroupResponsibilities = responsibilities.OfType<PersonGroupResponsibilityProvider>(); uow.PreFetch(personGroupResponsibilities, "PersonGroup.Persons");
                                • Svatopluk Ulicny 10.03.2019

                                  Thanks a lot for your advice.