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                                  • Hello.

                                    All properties of my xpobjects are marked with DXDisplayName attribute and all translations are stored in *.resx files.
                                    If translation contains a point than the property does not work corect with Expression Editor in XtraReport designer.

                                    Please check.

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                                Thank you for contacting us.
                                The report engine uses dots to separate names of different parts of a data source such as . or .. Therefore, using dots in a middle of a data source or field name is not supported. Please avoid using dots in field names: you can replace them with another Unicode symbol (for example, One dot leader 2024 unicode character) with similar appearance.

                                Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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                                • INTELECTSOFT 10.01.2019

                                  Please, read carefully before answer.

                                  Field names in my datasource are written in English without dots.
                                  Properties in my datasource are marked with DXDisplayName and are translated automatic by XtraGrid, XtraReport, XtraTreeList. The translated name can contain a point.

                                  Please simulate and correct your bugs.

                                  For example :

                                  <System.ComponentModel.DXDisplayName(GetType(MyObject), "Localization", "MyObject_UnitName", "UnitName")>
                                  Public Property UnitName() As String
                                  End Property

                                • Jannet (DevExpress Support) 10.01.2019

                                  Our XtraReports Suite doesn't support dots in field names (even provided by a special interface or attribute). A dot is a special reserved character, and if a data source field contains a dot (for example, "My.Field"), the Expression Editor treats parts of such a field as separate items and individually wraps them into square brackets as "[My].[Field]", which is not expected. So please avoid using dots in field names.

                                  We discussed this case in the past:
                                  XtraReports expression when field name is with dots
                                  Problem XtraReport Calculated fields using DOT in captions

                                • INTELECTSOFT 10.01.2019

                                  What are you talking about?
                                  My fields has English names without dots. My application supports multi-language. One user can create a XtraReport in Russian language and second user can open and edit this report in Romanian language, because Expression Editor stores all expression in original English names. Romanian and Russian translations are used only for visualization for customers.

                                • INTELECTSOFT 10.01.2019

                                  Give me a solution to display localizaed fields with dots or create a suggestion.
                                  DXDisplayName is a universal solution to display columns in XtraGrid, XtreTreeList and XtraLanguage.

                                  If width of column in XtraGrid is 75px, I am not able to write the full name "Единица измерения", I shoud use "Ед. изм." and conform the rules of Russian language it must contains dots. If i will display "Ед изм" it will be incorrect and all my customers will laugh.

                                • Jannet (DevExpress Support) 10.01.2019

                                  I greatly appreciate your clarification. Your position is clear to me - using dots is essential for your scenario to provide consistency for display names of fields.
                                  Let me reiterate that the Expression Editor deals with fields' display names and uses a dot to reference fields and collections. I discussed this scenario with my team and we came up with the following solutions, which may help you provide valid display names of data source fields.

                                  Use the One dot leader 2024 unicode character instead of a dot.
                                  The u2024 character looks similar to a dot but it is not treated as a special symbol by the Expression Editor. You can try using it for your field names.
                                  Take special note that if your users manually typed such a field name in the Expression Editor, they would use a standard dot symbol and this won't produce the expected result because the field name will contain a 'One dot leader' character rather than a dot. So manual typing of field names will not be supported in this case.

                                  Therefore, I think the optimal way is to avoid using dots in data source field display names but shorten these names only when it's required. For example, to provide a shorten field name for a grid column, provide a custom caption using the GridColumn.Caption property.

                                  Will any of these solutions work for you?

                                • INTELECTSOFT 10.01.2019

                                  Dear Jannet, the solution with chr(&H2024) works. Thank you.

                                • Jannet (DevExpress Support) 10.01.2019

                                  My pleasure.
                                  Feel free to contact us in case of further difficulty.

                                • INTELECTSOFT 01.20.2020

                                  Hello, again.

                                  The solution works good until I have converted to devexpress 19.2
                                  Please look how my captions looks now. What should I do now?

                                • Jannet (DevExpress Support) 01.21.2020

                                  I suppose that it is a grid view in your screenshot. To avoid mixing different topics in one thread, I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T853851: Grid View - A special character is not correctly displayed after upgrade). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.