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                                  • Hello,

                                    I would like to be able to rotate the chart title by 90 degrees.
                                    Currently I am docking the title to the left side, and I would like the text to read left to right when docked to the left ie rotate the orientation by 90 degrees

                                                ChartTitle chartNote = new ChartTitle();
                                                chartNote.Text = string.Format("Region Average = {0}%", avgScore);
                                                chartNote.TextColor = Color.FromArgb(97, 166, 14); ;
                                                chartNote.Font = noteFont;
                                                chartNote.Dock = ChartTitleDockStyle.Left;

                                    Is this possible?, and do you have an example?

                                    Thanks in advance

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                                Hello Phillip,
                                At present, the XRChart component does not provide the capability to display titles horizontally aligned to the left. As a workaround, you can use Annotations to display the title at the required position or use the XRLabel component to display the title near the XRChart component.