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                                  •  The checked and unchecked state content for the ToggleSwitch is not visible when using the Office2010Black theme.  I checked other themes and the content is visible.  My xaml looks like this:
                                    <dxe:ToggleSwitch IsChecked="{Binding PickUp}"

                                    I have attached an image of what the screen looks like with the Office2010Black theme.  I wanted to attach another image of what it looks like in another theme but it looks like I am limited to one file attachment.

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                                Hi Tim.

                                I reproduced the project according to your description and see that the default color of the ToggleSwitch foreground in this theme is white.
                                To change the text color, set the Foreground property to a different value.


                                • Tim Root 09.20.2019

                                  Hi Boris,

                                  For the application I am working on the user can change themes.  If I hard code the Foreground color then it won't look good for other themes.  I suppose I could add some code to only change the foreground color if the themes are Office2010Black and Office2016Black.  I can definitly do that as a work-around.  But I think we agree that this is not the best solution?

                                • Boris (DevExpress Support) 09.20.2019

                                  Yes, this approach is a workaround. As for the possibility of correction in the future, I have already passed this thread to the developers.
                                  We will update this ticket as soon as we have results.

                                  Best regards,

                                • Tim Root 09.20.2019