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                                  • I have one issue, if I make an mistake in XAML, then project doesn't build, but Output in case of error is hidden. We need way better of knowing something is not right, some popup message... 

                                • Ivan (DevExpress Support) 09.18.2019

                                  Hi again,

                                  At the moment, we show detailed information about such errors in the Output panel. With the default layout, this panel is auto-hidden at the bottom, so it does not take much space. When a building error occurs, it automatically pops up. As far as I understand from your description, you closed this panel on your side instead of hiding it. Please let me know if my assumption is correct.

                                  In addition, please also clarify what behavior you expect to see: show the entire error text in another place, forcibly show the Output panel, etc.

                                  In the meantime, if you accidentally closed the Output panel, you can show it using the Views menu or reset the layout.

                                • Blago Culjak 09.19.2019

                                  Hi Ivan, yes, you are right, sometime I do close Output window unintentionally, and after that I don't get any errors.

                                  Some popup window would be great.

                                • Ivan (DevExpress Support) 09.19.2019

                                  Thank you for the clarification. We tested how Visual Studio and Rider work in this scenario and decided to forcibly show the Output panel in this scenario. We'll update this ticket as soon as we have any news.

                                • Stephen J White 09.19.2019

                                  @Ivan - Thanks for pointing this out, but yes it would be good if the panel could be shown by force like in VS and Rider. Thanks for looking into this.

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                                Theme Designer v19.2.2 is already available for download at If you already have Theme Designer installed, it will suggest upgrading if you restart it.

                                • Blago Culjak 10.01.2019

                                  Hi Devexpress, I can open up another thread, but since you're all here, I'm having issues with Theme Designer and Avira Antivirus, it quarantines the program often lately.

                                  If you can look into it...

                                • Ivan (DevExpress Support) 10.02.2019


                                  Let's discuss this new topic in a separate ticket - Avira put Theme Designer in quarantine.