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                                  • HI Team ,

                                    I have search a lot but could not find a way to produce a 3 D chart in a way like one old desktop software already have.

                                    Kindly look at the attachment and suggest how can I achieve the same with Xtra chart.

                                    Waiting for a solution.

                                    Thanks a lot.

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                                It is possible to use 3D Line series to display data in the required manner. I have attached a sample project demonstrating how to accomplish this task.

                                • Ric 09.20.2019

                                  Hi Constant,

                                  Thanks for your quick solution.

                                  but we have little diff requirement.

                                  in my example, as you see all parallel lines begin from 3rd axis and then move on to show their peaks and troughs.

                                  I need to achieve the same.

                                  I still can't find how can I do this with Xtra chart.

                                • Ric 09.22.2019


                                  do we have any possibility to build requested chart with XTRA CHART control?

                                  Kindly share feedback. Thx

                                • Constant (DevExpress Support) 09.23.2019

                                  I am afraid your goal is not quite clear to me. Thus, I have only updated diagram settings to better replicate the layout of the sample chart. Please check whether the updated chart meets your requirements.

                                • Ric 09.23.2019

                                  Hi Constant,

                                  Thanks again for your response and apologies as I was not able to make my self clear.

                                  Here are more details...

                                  3-D waterfall graphs are mainly used in our software for comparison purpose. So, these 3 example files have data taken from 3 different sensors installed on the same motor, so one can compare the data being collected by 3 different sensors mounted on the same machine but in 3 different angles and positions.

                                  In 3-D Waterfall graph, there are 3 lines (or more - depending on how many sensors are being used) which appears to be planted on the 3rd Axis. Actually, they are not.. all three of them are being drawn on X-axis itself... However, when the 2-D graph is converted into 3-D, and all lines (3 or more) are shown a bit apart, it appears that perhaps they are on the 3rd axis...

                                  Here there are 3 CSV files in this zip file for the 3 lines which will be drawn on x-axis...

                                  Each CSV file has one column as frequency - f(Hz), and then 3 columns... Now, one of these 3 columns will be on y-axis.

                                  For example,

                                  1. x-axis can have F(Hz), then Y axis can have A(M^S2)^ for all 3 of them (picked up from their respective files),


                                  2. x-axis can have f(Hz), then y axis can have V(M/S) for all 3 of them (picked up from their respective files),


                                  3. x-axis can have f(Hz), then y axis can have S(uM) for all 3 of them (picked up from their respective files),

                                  User can interchange between the values on Y axis dynamically, and the graph will change accordingly on run-time.

                                  Now, when the graph is in 2-D, it will be a mesh kind of graph, where it will be difficult for user to differentiate between all 3 lines, however, when user will be rotating the graph, graph will automatically convert into a 3-D and he will get to see all 3 lines - be they will appear as laid down on 3rd axis, whereas in reality, they are drawn on x-axis..

                                • Constant (DevExpress Support) 09.24.2019

                                  Thank you for the clarification. I have updated the sample project to demonstrate how to display the provided data in a similar way. I am afraid WebChartControl does not support rotation. Thus, you need to send a callback to the server to recreate the chart and display 2D series instead of 3D series by handling the CustomCallback event.