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                                  • Hi,

                                    The dev extreme scheduler does not seem to align the tick of the hours in Edge ().

                                    Note that this does not happen in Firefox & Chrome !

                                    Can you please have a look at this ?

                                    Thanks in advance!


                                • CPF 09.11.2019

                                  Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0 

                                • Alisher (DevExpress Support) 09.11.2019


                                  What version of DevExtreme widgets you are using? In addition, try to set the crossScrollingEnabled option to true to check if this

                                • CPF 09.11.2019

                                  Hi Alisher,

                                  I am using DevExtreme 19.1.5 for Angular. Moreover enabling the crossScrollingEnabled flag does not solve the issue...


                                • CPF 09.11.2019

                                  I am trying to navigate between different weeks and noticed that this only happens for some weeks when I have 2 events in the "all-day" section... I'll also try to investigate this problem further.

                                • Lex (DevExpress Support) 09.12.2019

                                  Thank you for the update. This behavior is unexpected, so it will be very helpful if you also create a small runnable sample showing the issue and record a video showing steps to reproduce (you can use the ShareX or Monosnap tool). This will allow us to research the issue on our side.

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