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                                  • Hi,

                                    I created a FluentDesign Form, where I add a XtraUserControl1 as TabForm. After that I pressing on a button in hamburger menu, to create a TabPage with specific name and control. After creating some controls inside TabPage, I want to close them though close button in TabFormControl, but nothing is happening.

                                    Imports System.Threading Public Class Form1 Private m_tabControl = New XtraUserControl1 Public Sub New() InitializeComponent() FluentDesignFormContainer1.Controls.Add(m_tabControl) m_tabControl.Dock = DockStyle.Fill End Sub Private Sub AccordionControlElement2_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles AccordionControlElement2.Click Dim l_control = New Views.ATX_DBA_TestEntitiesView.ATX_DBA_TestEntitiesView Dim l_controlName As String = AccordionControlElement2.Text m_tabControl.AddTab(l_controlName, l_control) End Sub End Class ------------------------------------------------------------------- Public Class XtraUserControl1 Public Sub New() InitializeComponent() End Sub Public Sub AddTab(ByVal pi_ControlName As String, ByVal pi_Control As Control) Dim l_TabPage = XtraTabControl1.TabPages.Add(pi_ControlName) l_TabPage.Controls.Add(pi_Control) End Sub End Class
                                • Igor (DevExpress Support) 09.11.2019

                                  Hi Jens,

                                  Thank you sharing the code snippet. However, this information is insufficient to say precisely why this happens. Would you please isolate this issue into a small compilable project? This will help us narrow down the issue and find its cause as soon as possible.
                                  I look forward to your reply.

                                • Ilja Grebel 09.11.2019

                                  Its not really small, but I think you can see what happened. 

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                                Thank you for the project!
                                Yes, by default, clicking the XtraTabControl close button has no effect. You can handle the XtraTabControl.CloseButtonClick event to implement the required behavior (for instance, hide/remove the currently active tab page). For example:

                                Private Sub XtraTabControl1_CloseButtonClick(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles XtraTabControl1.CloseButtonClick Dim arg As ClosePageButtonEventArgs = TryCast(e, ClosePageButtonEventArgs) TryCast(arg.Page, XtraTabPage).PageVisible = False End Sub

                                Please try it and let us know your results.

                                • Ilja Grebel 09.11.2019

                                  Hi Igor,

                                  thanks it works for me.

                                  One more thing, why my buttons in hamburger menu doesnt have hover effect anymore?

                                • Nadezhda (DevExpress Support) 09.12.2019


                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T814354: The hamburger menu buttons ignore the mouse cursor). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.