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                                  • [DevExpress Support Team: CLONED FROM T800928: SpreadsheetControl - How to undo/redo several document changes at once]

                                    Thanks for the response, request your inputs on following points
                                    1 - Guidelines of transition from Spreadsheet to GridControl
                                    2 - Guidelines from moving from Syncfusion grid control to DevEx grid control
                                    3 - Undo/Redo stack
                                    Option to access, add, remove and clear the undo/redo stack of the Devex grid
                                    4. Any options to support formula cells in the DevEx grid control
                                    5. Is there Virtual grid option that will help us to handle large data in devex grid

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                                We do not have special migration guides. Nevertheless, you can use the following articles to start working with GridControl. They contain a detailed description of features, code examples, as well as links to our demos:
                                Data Grid
                                Getting Started With Data Grid and Views
                                Visual Elements
                                Regarding the rest of your questions, I created separate tickets in order not to mix several questions within one thread:
                                GridControl - How to use the Undo/Redo stack
                                GridControl - How to use formula cells
                                GridControl - How to handle large data
                                They have been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.