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                                  • When exporting from spreadsheet to pdf we get incorrect footer in the pdf file.
                                    Value in the footer is rendered as "Activi repo" but it should be "Activity report". It seems like some characters are missing.
                                    If we export to xls and save it as pdf from excel the footer is correctly rendered.

                                    Code snippets:
                                    var sb = new StringBuilder();
                                    sb.Append("Activity report");
                                    _worksheet.HeaderFooterOptions.OddFooter.Left = sb.ToString();
                                    _worksheet.HeaderFooterOptions.ScaleWithDoc = true;

                                    PdfExportOptions options = new PdfExportOptions();
                                    options.ImageQuality = PdfJpegImageQuality.Highest;
                                    options.RasterizationResolution = 300;
                                    options.RasterizeImages = true;
                                    options.ConvertImagesToJpeg = false;

                                    workbook.ExportToPdf(stream, options);

                                    Best Regards,
                                    SImon Sakelsek

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                                Hi Simon,

                                As you know, we introduced .NET Core support for our Office File API in v19.1. This feature is currently in Beta and has certain limitations in PDF export. For example, embedding fonts is not currently supported under Linux and macOS (this may lead to incorrect string measuring). To learn more about current limitations, review the following blog posts:
                                Office File API for .NET Core (v19.1 and v19.2)
                                Office File API – .NET Core (Beta, v19.1)

                                Anticipating your next question, our developers are working on resolving current limitations. However, I cannot provide you with any promises or estimates at present.