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                                  • I have an XtraReport that I need populated from a Azure Cosmos database. I just am wondering if there is a way in place to do this directly, or if I can get the data before generating the report and pass it into the report in the form of JSON or a model.

                                    In case it's needed, I am using .Net Framework 4.5.2 .

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                                Hello Bracken,

                                While our reporting tools do not provide the built-in Azure Cosmos DB data access provider, you can implement your own data access layer using the Microsoft.Azure.Cosmos NuGet Package and the MongoClient class facilities (in case you're using MongoDB) to obtain database data and store it in a collection of business objects. After that, use the ObjectDataSource component as a mediator between a report and your data access layer to bind a report to this collection.

                                I suggest that you review the following tutorials that may help you achieve this goal:

                                Quickstart: Build a .NET web app using Azure Cosmos DB's API for MongoDB
                                Build a .NET console app to manage data in Azure Cosmos DB SQL API account

                                Meanwhile, review our post describing how to store reports in the Azure Cosmos DB: ASP.NET Core Reporting – Store Reports within a Database Using Azure Cosmos DB. In this tutorial, we used the MongoClient class methods to store reports in MongoDB, so you might find the code samples helpful as well.

                                Let me know if I can be of more help.