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                                  • Here is my CodePen to demonstrate my case:

                                    In detail,
                                    If I set up the filter

                                    - With 'contains' :  ["Category", "contains", 4] then It will return 2 records for SupperPlasma 50 and SuperLED50:

                                    . With 'equals' :  ["Category", "=", 4] then It will return only one record for SuperLED50 .

                                    How can I make it return the same value for the array field??

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                                The "Contains" operation is specific to string values. So, it cannot work with numeric values in the same manner. In addition, I see that you are using complex values (arrays) for the "Category" field. These values cannot be compared with scalar values. So, I recommend that you use only scalar values (numbers or strings) for filtering.


                                • Thanh Van 2 08.15.2019

                                  Thanks for replying, But look like you don't give me the solution for it?

                                  1st, Why did this behavior support in DevExpress? Do you mean If I use a string then it will work with both cases?

                                  2nd, I think you didn't look closely at my CodePen. Category filter set-up in Filter Builder just uses lookup data source with displayExpr and ValueExpr as the control provided not complex, and the value output is a number, NOT an object.

                                  Finally, Very hard to convert all Old DevExpress filter strings ( desktop app and web app) to DevExtreme filter strings and keep the same query results.

                                • Thanh Van 2 08.15.2019

                                  I updated the CodePen as you said about String but the result worse than using numbers. Before I can use "equals" to get the value for Category:["Automation"] but now, It returned NOTHING.

                                • Alessandro (DevExpress Support) 08.16.2019


                                  We need some more time to research the issue. We will inform you about our progress once we have any results. Please accept our apologies for the delay that may arise.