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                                  • I tried to modify the LocalizationRes.zh-Hans.resx in the DevExpress.Web.Grid project, add the ASPxGridViewStringId.Toolbar_ExportTo value to "export {0}", compile DevExpress.Web.v18.1.dll,modify the DLL name to DevExpress.Web.v18.1.resources.dll, and finally copy the DevExpress.Web.v18.1.resources.dll into my project, export the button and export it. Chinese is not displayed. 

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                                You need to add the "zh-Hans" translation for 2018.1 to your list of translations in our Localization Service as stated in the Localization Service help topic. Then apply all the steps from the Localizing ASP.NET Controls via Satellite Resource Assemblies help topic to properly localize our controls.