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                                  • Hello!
                                    There is the gridView with many columns. Some of them is hidden.
                                    I'd like the next behavior : the user double clicks on a row, and then the PopupContainerControl shows.
                                    How can I do it?
                                    The PopupContainerControl is worked only with the popupContainerEdit . But I don't need this Edit.

                                    Thank you!

                                • Maxim L (DevExpress Support) 08.14.2019

                                  Hi Alexander,
                                  At first sight, it looks like you can use our XtraDialog for your task. You can place a UserControl with the required content into it. To handle an end-user click you can use the RowClick event.
                                  However, please describe your initial task. Why do you need to display this PopupContainerControl? Perhaps, we have a built-in solution for your scenario.

                                • Alexander (Sanches) Kotelnikov 08.14.2019

                                  I forgot to describe it: the popup panel should have the data of the current row of the hidden columns. This data may be either editable or not editable.
                                  I see it like a tileBar or a tileView better, because the tileview has the datasource property.
                                  If the user clicks out of panel, it should close.

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                                Hi Alexander,
                                You can use the Flyout Panel control to achieve this result. It is a container that you can show in a position relative to a linked control. To get data from hidden columns, use the approach from the Grid - How to show data from hidden columns in a separate panel thread. To handle a row double click, set the GridView.OptionsBehavior.EditorShowMode property to Click and handle the GridView.DoubleClick event. Please review the How to handle a double-click on a grid row or cell help article for more information.
                                I have attached a simple project and a gif image to illustrate this approach:
                                Please test it and let me know if this solution is suitable to you.

                                • Alexander (Sanches) Kotelnikov 08.17.2019

                                  This control is what I need! Thank you very much!
                                  Is there way to change the textEdit control to LabelControl at design time? I mean using the dataLayoutControl feature. I know, I can do it at runtime, as stated in your article. But this is not convenient, because all items must have the labelControl, so I'd like to config layout "here and now".
                                  It's not necessary that this be the LabelControl (May be it's possible to remove the borders from TextEdit). I'd like it to look like on the attached image. (What I want is very similar to tile of the TileView with the only difference being that it displays single row of the dataSource).

                                • Dmitry Tor (DevExpress Support) 08.19.2019

                                  In order not to mix several questions within one thread, I created a separate ticket: T807595: How to populate DataLayoutControl with labels?. It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.