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                                  • I am using a pivot grid with editable bool fields.  The user checks or un-checks the cells to indicate if they have completed the task.

                                    I need to sum the number of completed tasks for total and grand total cells.  I have tried your sample custom summary examples:

                                    The line e.CustomValue = TrueVals;  sets the value, however the grid always just displays a NULL check box and never the the value in CustomValue.

                                    What am I missing??

                                    if (ReferenceEquals(e.ColumnField, null) || ReferenceEquals(e.RowField, null))
                                                        e.CustomValue = "Grand Total";

                                                    PivotGridControl pivot = sender as PivotGridControl;
                                                    int lastRowFieldIndex = pivot.Fields.GetVisibleFieldCount(PivotArea.RowArea) - 1;
                                                    int lastColumnFieldIndex = pivot.Fields.GetVisibleFieldCount(PivotArea.ColumnArea) - 1;

                                                    if (e.RowField.AreaIndex == lastRowFieldIndex && e.ColumnField.AreaIndex == lastColumnFieldIndex)
                                                        e.CustomValue = e.SummaryValue.Max;
                                                        var SelectedActivity = e.CreateDrillDownDataSource();
                                                        if (SelectedActivity != null)
                                                            UserActivity activity = (ActivityList.Find(a => a.RowIndex == SelectedActivity[0].ListSourceRowIndex));

                                                            int TrueVals = (from a in ActivityList
                                                                            where a.DateID == activity.DateID
                                                                            && a.Completed == true
                                                                            select a).Count();
                                                            e.CustomValue = TrueVals;

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                                Hello Michael,

                                Try to assign RepositoryItemTextEdit repository items for cells where you want to display text. Please refer to the How to assign different in-place editors to different types of cells example where we demonstrated a similar approach.