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                                  • Hello,

                                    If an area is marked in a slightly larger text (> 2 pages) and the yellow marking is assigned via the toolbar, nothing happens optically, i.e. the marking does not take place. A subsequent query of RichEditControl1.DocumentLayout.IsDocumentFormattingCompleted returns False, the desired page count with RichEditControl1.DocumentLayout.GetPageCount() gets stuck, i.e. the function returns no result, the program hangs.

                                    The problem first occurred with version 19.x.

                                    Is there a short-term workaround for this problem? e.g. enforcing the layout process etc.?

                                    Thanks for the help

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                                Hello Thomas,
                                If I correctly understand it, you attempt to change the text highlight color using the Home->Font->Text Highlight Color button but the color isn't applied to the selected text. We fixed this problem in the scope of the Text highlight isn't applied when the entire paragraph is selected ticket. You can download the hotfix from that ticket and check how it works for you.
                                If you meant a different problem, please provide me with a video/test project illustrating the issue. I'll check it.

                                • Thomas Gewinnus 07.21.2019

                                  unfortunately the patch does not fix the problem completely. The text marking is done as desired, but in the following there is still the problem that a call of


                                  crashes the program.

                                  The following procedure to reproduce the problem:
                                  - mark the second paragraph
                                  - Assigning the marker (e.g. yellow)
                                  - Try to determine the page number (yellow key)

                                  Thank you very much for your help.

                                • Mariya (DevExpress Support) 07.22.2019

                                  Hello Thomas,

                                  Thank you for the test project. I've reproduced the issue and forwarded this problem to our developers in the scope of the following thread - T800241: The DocumentLayout.GetPageCount method call hangs after changing the highlight color for a text range. Please watch for our updates there.