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                                  • Hello,

                                    I was going to add landscape sub-report into my main report. There are several detailed report in my sub-report.
                                    I have enabled generateOwnPages in the main report. However, when I preview the main report, only the first detail report in the sub-report is displayed in landscape format. Other detail report in the sub-report is displayed in portrait format.
                                    I also tried to separate the sub-report into several sub-reports, however, if I do so, the bookmarks will be a mess. So I can't separate the sub-report into smaller ones.
                                    Do you have any suggestions ?


                                • Vasily (DevExpress Support) 07.16.2019

                                  Hi Michael,

                                  Thank you for contacting us. It is difficult to determine the exact cause of this issue without reproducing it on our side. Please send us your main report's and its subreports' definition files (*.repx) or provide us with their source code.
                                  Alternatively, send us a simple working project that illustrates the issue in action. With a small example project, it is much easier for us to verify that the code that calls ours is valid, and that the way our controls are being used is recommended. This way, we can concentrate our resources on the problematic area.

                                • Customer74355 07.17.2019

                                  I have include the word document created and the prnx file. There are only 2 landscape pages in the word document. However, the whole Appendix section should be landscape.

                                • Vasily (DevExpress Support) 07.17.2019

                                  Hi Michael,

                                  Thank you for sharing your report files with us. I was able to replicate this issue on my side by using the attached sample project and decided to forward it to our team for the further research. We will update this thread once we make any progress on this issue.

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                                • Customer74355 08.04.2019


                                  Is this issue fixed in version 19.1.5 or will be included in 19.1.6?

                                • Elliot (DevExpress Support) 08.05.2019


                                  This issue was fixed in the 19.1.6 version of our controls. You can request a hotfix to check whether the issue is gone.


                                • Customer74355 08.28.2019


                                  When will 19.1.6 version be released?


                                • Elliot (DevExpress Support) 08.29.2019


                                  If everything goes as expected, we will publish the 19.1.6 version in the first half of September.


                                • Customer74355 08.29.2019

                                  Hi Elliot,

                                  Thank you for your reply.  I also want to know if 19.1.6 Nuget comes out on the same date?

                                  Thanks .

                                • Elliot (DevExpress Support) 08.30.2019


                                  Yes, you are right. We will publish the NuGet packages the same day as the 19.1.16 version of our controls is released.


                                • Customer74355 09.11.2019


                                  Can you tell me the exact date when you will release 19.1.6 version? Because I will need it soon.


                                • Yaroslav (DevExpress Support) 09.12.2019

                                  Hi Pengcheng,
                                  We're testing the 19.1.6 update at the moment. If everything goes according to plan, it will become available within 1-2 weeks.