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                                  • [DevExpress Support Team: CLONED FROM T746846: Unit Testing - Code Coverage does not work for MSTest v1 under Visual Studio 2019]
                                    I have installed v19.1.5 and while I do now see code coverage run without errors and see some code coverage information (in summary stats and exported reports), the code coverage window does not display the hierarchical class tree, or the actual code under coverage.  There are no filters applied to the coverage view that could hide the class.  See attached screenshot.

                                    I have tried generating coverage using both MsTest v1 and v2 with same result.

                                    I was able to fix my coverage tree/code visibility issue by entering text ('qqq') into the 'Search' box at the top, and then deleting the search text. The code tree immediately became visible again.  I saw this behavior in two separate solutions (Production code, and a test project I just created today) .  It's still working when I close and reopen the solution in Visual Studio  (w/o having to enter anything the search text).  Anyway, thought you should know what happened.

                                • Artem L (DevExpress) 07.08.2019

                                  Thank you for this report. I have reproduced this issue in this scenario:

                                  1. Run tests with coverage. Wait until coverage is collected and Code Coverage Window is populated.
                                  2. Type something in the search text box.
                                  3. Close Visual Studio.
                                  4. Open the same solution again and run tests with coverage.
                                  5. The Code Coverage Window stays blank.
                                  As soon as we fix the problem, we will let you know of our results. Please bear with us.

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