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                                • Artem (DevExpress Support) 06.13.2019


                                  This approach is not documented and we don't have similar API for React. At the same time, the real scenario is not entirely clear to me. Would you please elaborate on this and specify the main task.
                                  Do you need to validate a custom component that renders a non-DevExtreme editor (e.g., a plain input element) along with our standard editors (TextBox, SelectBox, DateBox, etc.) on a button click?
                                  If so, could you post its code for further examination?

                                • Customer45825 06.14.2019


                                  Exactly I need what you have just mentioned. I will have mixture of some DevExtreme and non-DevExtreme Editor. I want to validate and show the validation summary (in case of failure) on a button click. I've attached a sample project in React.

                                  MyTextBox component is wrapper of DevExtreme TextBox editor. I've another component called WikiEditor which is basically a wrapper of a mark down editot. Now I want to validate this component along with MyTextBox component in button click.

                                  As per some suggestions you can see that I've already used a custom adapter WikiEditor component but that doesn't work.

                                  Can you shed some light on it?

                                • Artem (DevExpress Support) 06.14.2019


                                  Thank you for the detailed explanation and the example. I need more time to research possible solutions. Please bear with me.

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                                I checked your example and found that you're trying to define Validator as a nested component inside the "SimpleMDE" component.
                                While it's not possible to use dxValidator inside a custom third-party component as is, you can place it in a stand-alone component as demonstrated at Validate a Custom Value
                                However, I checked this approach and found that it doesn't work properly and created a separate report for further research:
                                 It's impossible to define Validator as a stand-alone component in React
                                As a workaround, you can create dxValidator using our built-in API: 3rd-Party Frameworks Integration API.
                                I've attached the modified example to demonstrate this idea.

                                • Customer45825 06.18.2019

                                  Thanks. At least that's a working work around. But would love to see the the validator working in third party components