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                                  • In Visual Studio 2019, when using the "With" statement in VB.NET, IntelliRush expands the highlighted item to an apostrophe (') instead of the selected IntelliRush text. This only happens when using the "With" statement.


                                     * Visual Studio 2019
                                     * CodeRush 18.2.9
                                     * IntelliRush is turned ON.

                                    Test #1:

                                    1. Create a new VB.NET Console app in VS 2019.
                                    2. Ensure IntelliRush is turned ON.
                                    3. Insert the following code for Sub Main:
                                    Sub Main() Using reader As New IO.StreamReader("") With reader End With End Using End Sub
                                    4. On the blank line immediately after "With reader", type a dot (.). IntelliRush opens a list of properties and methods.
                                    5. Using the keyboard arrow keys, select any property or method and press the Tab key. The dot (.) changes to an apostrophe (').

                                    Test #2:

                                    6. Turn IntelliRush OFF and repeat steps #4 and #5.
                                    7. This time the expansion is correct. The dot (.) is replace with the selected property or method.

                                    This behavior does not happen in VS 2017 using IntelliRush. The selection expands as expected. For example, IntelliRush inserts ".BaseStream" when pressing Tab when the "BaseStream" item is highlighted.

                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 05.02.2019

                                  Hello William,

                                  Thank you for providing a code sample and detailed explanations.
                                  I have installed the CodeRush 18.2.9 on a clean machine and tried to reproduce the issue.
                                  Only if I configure the 'Tab' key as a shortcut for the "TemplateExpand" command I have managed to expand the '.' char as a VB single line comment.
                                  But on my machine this behavior is not depending on enabling \ disabling IntelliRush.
                                  We will fix this issue and notify you as soon as we make any progress.

                                  To research why this issue is related to IntelliRush on your machine, it would be helpful if you provide the following information:
                                  - CodeRush settings (from "%AppData%\CodeRush\Settings");
                                  - CodeRush log files (from "%LocalAppData%\CodeRush\Logs").

                                  I look forward to hearing from you.

                                • William Besancenez 05.02.2019

                                  Turning IntelliRush off doesn't seem to be a repeatable workaround. After I submitted this ticket, I went back to working on my current project. I had IntelliRush turned off and all seemed well but then the apostrophe bug reappeared. I doubled-checked that IntelliRush was off (it was). I tried turning it on and then back off. In any case, disabling CodeRush and restarting VS 2019 always works. Again, this does not happen in VS 2017 with CodeRush and IntelliSense either on or off.

                                  I do have Tab for expansion on. I had Space for that setting and it was driving me nuts. It would expand reserved words (like "as") and two-letter variable names. With it set to Tab, it's useable and useful for me.

                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 05.03.2019

                                  Hello William,

                                  Thank you for your clarification and providing this information.

                                  I can confirm that I have exactly the same behavior on my machine with Visual Studio 2019.

                                  We will inform you when we fix this issue.

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