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                                  • I have records in my table but my xaf listview is empty.
                                    I have identified that the problem is in my model because if I remove this field from the model then I see the records
                                    public bool ExcludeFromPrioritizeByDueByDate { get; set; }I have tried using a different name

                                       public bool ExcPByDueByDate { get; set; }  

                                    but it does not help.
                                    I have also tried using the fluent configuration

                                    public class JobListConfiguration : EntityTypeConfiguration<JobList> {  
                                       public JobListConfiguration()  
                                            Property(x => x.ExcPByDueByDate).HasColumnName("ExcludeFromPrioritizeByDueByDate");  

                                    I am unsure whether the issue is Entity Framework or XAF

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                                Hello Kirsten,

                                The issue likely occurs because your database system does not support column names of this length. So, the actual column name is truncated, and your Entity Framework data provider cannot find it by the full name. If my supposition is correct, you can reproduce the same behavior without XAF.
                                So, instead of making the property name shorter, shorten the column name:

                                [Column("ExcPByDueByDate")] public bool ExcludeFromPrioritizeByDueByDate { get; set; }

                                You will also need to rename the database column that is already created, or recreated the database.

                                It this does not help, I suggest that you use the SQL queries profiler to determine why data is not loaded. In addition, check if there are any handled exceptions: Collect and Analyze the Diagnostic Information.

                                • kirsten greed 05.01.2019

                                  Thanks Anatol those suggestions helped.
                                  It turned out I had misspelt the column name.
                                  This was not picked up in the log file
                                  However using the SQL Server Profiler showed that the query was failing.