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                                  • It creates this code

                                    bool showPriceMultiple; public bool ShowPriceMultiple { get { return showPriceMultiple; } set { if (showPriceMultiple == value) return; showPriceMultiple = value; OnPropertyChanged(); } }

                                    I wanted something closer to this code

                                    bool showPriceMultiple; public bool ShowPriceMultiple { get => showPriceMultiple; set => SetProperty(ref showPriceMultiple, value); }

                                    I think it may be because it found a deprecated OnPropertyChanged method in the base class

                                • Artem L (DevExpress) 04.10.2019

                                  Would you please provide more details about the MVVM framework you are using? I need an example of the OnPropertyChanged implementation in the base class and implementation of the SetProperty method. Our engine analyzes implementation of the INotifyPropertyChanged interface and selects the most appropriate method to raise the PropertyChanged event.

                                • devSpeed 04.10.2019

                                  I am using Prism BindableBase. 

                                • Artem L (DevExpress) 04.10.2019

                                  Thank you for the clarification.
                                  For now, our engine does not support cases with the SetProperty method. We need to put special info of the most used MVVM frameworks into our code for such cases. We understand that the SetProperty usage is the recommended practice. We will take implementation of this into account while discussing our future plans.
                                  At the same time, I completely agree that calling the deprecated OnPropertyChanged method is not the best solution in this case. We will correct the behavior of this refactoring so it uses RaisePropertyChanged in this situation.

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