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                                  • Good morning

                                    I'm using Coderush (license number is 18023332041588736) and I have problems with Rich comments
                                    They work once in ten
                                    The most they don't work.
                                    I already check to have enabled them in configuration .
                                    I attach some screenshots where you can see both the result inside the editor and the cfg dialog

                                    Thanks in advance
                                    Massimo Zanoletti

                                • Alex Eg (DevExpress) 03.20.2019

                                  Hi Massimo,
                                  I cannot reproduce the issue. We need to get additional information for further research. Does 'Rich Comments' work in all projects? If you create a new project and try to use 'Rich Comments' there - will it work? Could you please create a sample project so we can reproduce and research the issue?

                                • Alex Eg (DevExpress) 03.20.2019

                                  I reproduced the issue with 'Rich Comments' in C++. We will research the situation in detail - VS language services don't provide all necessary information for 'Rich comments' in some cases (compared to the Roslyn engine for C#/VB)
                                  We will check this and update the ticket once we get any results.

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