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                                  • In VB.Net, error CRR0027 is flagged for the following code on IF statement after the MyBase.FromHtml(string) is called.

                                    BASE Class definition:

                                    Protected Overridable Sub FromHtml(entityHtml As String)
                                         Me.SourceOfEntity = entityHtml
                                    End Sub

                                    Child class usage
                                     Protected Overrides Sub FromHtml(entityHtml As String)
                                          If String.IsNullOrEmpty(entityHtml) Then
                                               'do stuff
                                             Exit Sub
                                          End If

                                          If Not entityHtml.Contains("Entered ID number not found in database") Then  'here is the CRR0027 error.

                                    As you can see, we did check for null and the value has not changed. Is this flagged incorrectly?

                                • Przemyslaw Wlodarczak (DevExpress) 03.15.2019

                                  Thank you for reporting this problem to us. I reproduced it. We will notify you when we fix this issue.

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