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                                  • Equals behavior since version 18.2.8

                                    When I am using VS 2019 . (not seeing in VS 2017)

                                    When I enter something like this:
                                    Then a Space
                                    When I type the Equals Sign it inserts "@checked" to this:

                                    checkBox1.Checked @checked=

                                    or if I type: "Form1.Owner =" I get "Form1.Owner owner="


                                    Thank You,
                                    Scott Snyder

                                    P.S. Code Places is already a valuable asset and I see its potential to grow.

                                • Przemyslaw Wlodarczak (DevExpress) 03.11.2019


                                  I reproduced this incorrect behavior and passed this ticket to our developers for further investigation. You will be notified when we fix this issue.
                                  As a workaround for now, I suggest you disable the Naming Assistant feature when working with Visual Studio 2019. To do so, open the "Extensions->CodeRush->Options" window, navigate to the "Editor->C#->Naming Assistant" category and uncheck the "Enable Naming Assistant" checkbox.

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                                • ss diver2112 03.24.2019

                                  Thank You for the hot fix, so far so good let you know if I find anything.

                                  On a side note it would be great if the new Color picker would remember your settings. I use it a lot but I like the named tab sorted to Hue most of the time so I have to resort every time I open it or if I am using the document tab I have to keep switching to it for each change.

                                  Thanks again,
                                  Scott Snyder

                                • George K (DevExpress) 03.25.2019

                                  Hi Scott,

                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T726804: Color picker should remember "Sort by" settings.). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

                                • Kiryl Y. 04.14.2019

                                  It doesn't work in 18.2.9 VB even with disabled Naming Assistant.

                                  After entering " (double quote) CR inserts "String":

                                  dim ss as String=String"
                                • Andrew A (DevExpress) 04.15.2019

                                  Hi Kiryl,

                                  Thank you for pointing out the problem.
                                  We have already fixed a similar issue in the context of the IntelliRush does now allow inserting a lambda expression after a user types “=>” in Visual Studio 2019 ticket.
                                  Please install the build from the link below and let me know your results.