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                                  • I'm working to mitigate 508c compliance issues.  One of the issues is related to the filter controls on our dashboards.  We are able to navigate to the filters via the tab key and select and deselect the "All" item (the first choice in the filter) but we aren't able to continue down to the other filter elements in the list via the keyboard.  I would assume we'd be able to navigate down the filter list to select and/or deselect with the up and down arrow keys but that isn't working.  Am I missing a setting that will enable this?

                                    To summarize - the "All" selection is only accessible via the keyboard on the web dashboard.                                             

                                • Lex (DevExpress Support) 02.25.2019

                                  Hi Sharlene,

                                  I reproduced the issue and forwarded this ticket to our team for further research. We will let you know once we have any results.

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