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                                  • We use a layout control inside a frame. At the top we have a horizontal layout group with two layout items containing a cxLabel followed by a small image of an (i) which shows a tooltip when the mouse hovers over it.

                                    The cxLabel uses another font size in bold, and its caption gets updated depending on what's shown inside the frame (we embed other frames inside this main frame). The cxLabel has AutoSize, Transparent and ShowEllipsis set to True. Its layout item has a ParentManaged horizontal alignment.

                                    In previous versions of DevExpress VCL (like 2017), the width of the layout item would change with the size of the cxLabel because of AutoSize. Since DevExpress 2018, the width of the cxLabel will remain fixed to that of the text used at design time. Once the text changes at run-time, the width of the label will not change and the ShowEllipsis property will kick in (if the text needs more space).

                                    Is there a way to get this behavior back?

                                    At the moment we have moved the (i) to the left of the cxLabel and given the layout item containing the cxLabel a horizontal alignment of Client. Disabling ShowEllipsis also works, but it comes with the issue that the label will now participate in determining the minimum width of the frame.

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 02.22.2019


                                  I am not aware of such changes in our Layout Control. I can discuss this behavior with the team, but I need an example of how this label used to work in 2017. Having this example, I will be able to test it in 16.2 and 18.2 builds and compare results. Would you please provide us with a small sample project demonstrating your layout? It is not necessary to send your real project. Just that part with the label control and the (i) image may be enough to help us correctly replicate your project's structure.
                                  Thanks in advance.

                                • P.A. Jimenez 02.22.2019


                                  In the attached program, just type a longer text in the text box and press enter. The label will show ellipsis instead of growing, despite the huge amount of available space (contrary to how it used to work before).

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 02.25.2019

                                  Thanks a lot! I have reproduced the difference. This behavior looks strange. It may take us some time to find an appropriate solution.

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