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                                  • I attach a project with a problem we are having:

                                    The TestEXE.exe has a form that calls another form inside TestDLL.dll which has a grid with OptionsView.ColumnAutoWidth = TRUE, when the .exe calls FreeLibrary, Windows shows a Windows with the event (translated with Google):

                                    Signature with problems:
                                       Name of the problem event: APPCRASH
                                       Application name: TestExe.exe
                                       Application version:
                                       Application timestamp: 5c669945
                                       Module name with errors: gdiplus.dll_unloaded
                                       Module version with errors:
                                       Module time stamp with errors: 4ce7b714
                                       Exception code: c0000005
                                       Exception displacement: 70a34cc8
                                       Operating system version: 6.1.7601.
                                       Locale ID: 3082
                                       Additional information 1: d127
                                       Additional information 2: d127af0ddf0371ae4ec3bb08907a0647
                                       Additional information 3: eae7
                                       Additional information 4: eae7ce57ee542c79662499239d5c8e67

                                    After some investigation, we have found out that there are 3 ways to avoid that exception, but the best thing is you help us to clarify this.

                                    OPTION 1: Add cxGraphics to the dpr. of the exe
                                    OPTION 2: In the dll export unit, avoid calling dxCore.dxFinalize in the Unload function called by the exe before the FreeLibrary. (Doesn`t seem a recommended solution)
                                    OPTION 3: set OptionsView.ColumnAutoWidth = FALSE    (this is not a really a valid option, obviously)

                                    In the attached source code, there are 2 comments with instructions to activate OPTION 1 or OPTION 2.
                                    (IMPORTANT: when an options is activated, make sure the other is deactivated.)

                                    Kind regards

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 02.15.2019

                                  Hello Manuel,

                                  Thank you for sharing your sample project.
                                  It seems that you are right. The current behavior is incorrect. The issue seems to be caused by drawing the filter tag in column filters. We will try to resolve this problem.

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