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                                  • We still receive reports from users that get crashes of the following kind:

                                    [0000000000411151] System.@RaiseExcept + $11
                                    [0000000001423E9D] dxBar.TdxBarButtonControl.MouseDown (Line 26809, "dxBar.pas" + 7) + $0
                                    [0000000001469BC4] dxBar.TCustomdxBarControl.MouseDownNotifyControls (Line 49823, "dxBar.pas" + 3) + $0
                                    [000000000146CC73] dxBar.TCustomdxBarControl.DoBarMouseDown (Line 51017, "dxBar.pas" + 5) + $0
                                    [0000000001463E71] dxBar.TdxBarControl.DoBarMouseDown (Line 47949, "dxBar.pas" + 14) + $0
                                    [000000000146AC32] dxBar.TCustomdxBarControl.MouseDown (Line 50321, "dxBar.pas" + 15) + $0
                                    [00000000006B939E] Vcl.Controls.TControl.DoMouseDown + $FE
                                    [00000000006B94D4] Vcl.Controls.TControl.WMLButtonDblClk + $74
                                    [000000000146A432] dxBar.TCustomdxBarControl.WMLButtonDblClk (Line 50122, "dxBar.pas" + 3) + $0
                                    [000000000040F385] System.TObject.Dispatch + $45

                                    We can reproduce this by clicking on RepeatClick buttons like crazy - not often but sometimes.
                                    It seems to require a specific timing but might also be a special ShiftState (see "NeedStopTimer").

                                    As stated in T595248 i suggest to remove the EdxTestException and just accept that their already is a FButtonPressTimer.

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 01.14.2019


                                  It seems that it is insufficient to just have the TdxBarButton button with the RepeatClick property enabled to reproduce this problem. At least I was not able to reproduce it with the latest version of our controls (18.2.3). We cannot perform changes to our code without reproducing this error. Would you please provide us with a sample project where you got this error by clicking a bar button fast? Thank you in advance.

                                • BHE 01.14.2019

                                  As stated to reproduce this is needs a special timing.
                                  Attached is simple simulation program.
                                  I know this only simulates/provokes the crash situation in an artificial way. But i hope this convinced you that such a situation might occur in real life too. At least it provides a test case for a fix.

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 01.15.2019

                                  Thanks a lot! Indeed, the error occurs in this case. We will examine this scenario.

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