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                                  • I have used editCellTemplate to create a custom compoment, a code editor ( I have successfully loaded data inside code editor but I cannot save it. When the same button clicked it detects devexpress components data changed and execute post request. But in my case, I have a custom component and I have somehow to detect that a change made so I can someshow send the data to post request.

                                    Can you please guide me how can I detect that user clicked save so I can get my data and decide whether to push or not the data change?


                                • Alisher (DevExpress Support) 01.11.2019

                                  Hi George,

                                  Would you please demonstrate how the Code Mirror editor is embedded in a column? I guess you used the editCellTemplate option to embed a custom editor in a column. Did you implement the setValue method for the template? This should be sufficient to achieve your goal.


                                • George K. 01.11.2019

                                  Yes I use editCellTemplate and you are right, I have to detect when call the content inside the editor is changed and call setValue method. That would work with Code Mirror but there are some other 3rd party components that I want to use that are not so easy to detect a change real time while the user is changing data. Instead its easy to call a function and retrieve data when user clicks the OK button and before the data is pushed for saving. But I was unable to find any function like On editorButtonClick or BeforeEditorSave. You only have functions before edit form opens. Am I wrong?

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                                Hi George,

                                The main idea of using custom editors in dxDataGrid is to put them in an editCell template, handle the change or any event that fires when the editor value is changed and pass the changed value to the setValue method. I believe that any editor you use should have this event.

                                In any case, you can use the RowUpdating/onRowInserting event that fires before a row is updated/inserted. This will help you resolve the issue.