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                                  • Hello!

                                    I've got the cascading "data rows" working for two of my columns: project and project item. My issue is with the filter row for these two columns.

                                    I've enabled the filter row for this grid. When I select a filter for project, the grid appropriately limits what I can see by the selected project. I would like the Project Item filter dropdown to be limited to the filtered project as well. Currently it just shows all possible project items and ignores the selected filter. In other words the cascade does not work on the project item filter dropdown.

                                    You can replicate this by going to your demo and copying it to code pen. Add:

                                    filterRow: { visible: true },

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                                Please take a look a the How to implement cascading lookups in the filter row and header filter ticket where we discussed a similar issue.

                                • Zein Sweis 01.12.2019

                                  Thanks for the reply Nikolai. I understand the idea of what that ticket is going for, but for whatever reason the filterRow->editorElement does not appear to be a dxSelectBox. . I'm getting a "Component 'dxSelectBox' has not been initialized for an element.". I tried both the OnEditorPreparing and the OnEditorPrepared. I even tried putting this in a $timeout in onEditorPrepared. The UI shows a dropdown, so I'm not sure why it won't resolve. into a dxSelectBox. The classes associated with the element appear to be a dxTextBox, but even that wouldn't resolve.

                                • Artem (DevExpress Support) 01.14.2019

                                  Hi Zein,

                                  Thank you for the clarification, but it's not clear how to reproduce the issue from scratch. Would you please modify this example to demonstrate your current implementation. Use the "Fork/Save" button to apply changes and post the updated link here for further examination.
                                  We'll do our best to help.