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                                  • When I drop a TdxRichEditControl into an otherwise-empty C++ window, the resulting Unit will not compile.  Rather, this error is repeated 210 times:
                                    [bcc32c Error] systobj.h(85): cannot call operator __uuidof on a type with no GUID
                                      dxRichEdit.Import.Core.hpp(388): in instantiation of function template specialization 'System::TObject::GetInterface<Dxrichedit::Import::Core::IdxImporter__2<Dxrichedit::Utils::Officeimage::TdxOfficeImageFormat, Dxrichedit::Utils::Officeimage::TdxOfficeImageReference *> >' requested here

                                    To reproduce this:

                                    1. Create a new C++ Builder VCL Application
                                    2. Drop a TdxRichEditControl into the window
                                    3. Attempt to compile the application

                                    For reference, I am able to run the C++ Demos provided (after copying them out of the Program Files folder).   Also for reference, I had a similar problem with a previous version of this component not working in C++ which I reported at

                                    Thank you.

                                • James Nachbar 01.01.2019

                                  Additional information:  I have discovered that if you turn the "Use 'classic' Borland compiler" option under Project Options/C++ Compiler on for the Project, this compile error no longer occurs, and the test project compiles, links and runs.

                                  For my application, I need that option on for other reasons, so this issue is no longer a problem for me, although it might be worth fixing anyway.  Thank you.

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 01.02.2019

                                  Hello James,

                                  Thank you for sharing your research results. I have reproduced this problem with the C++ Builder Rio IDE and our TdxRichEditControl control. We will examine this scenario and try to find an appropriate solution.

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