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                                  • It is my assumption that the valueChanged event should be raised if a condition/group is added to the filter builder. Here is a link to a simple code pen demonstrating the issue: . I've set the valueChanged event to a function which logs a message to the console. Notice no console message is produced when adding a condition/group to the filter builder. If this is intended behavior, is there another way to detect this type of change?

                                • Alisher (DevExpress Support) 12.19.2018

                                  Hi Patrick,

                                  Thank you for sharing the example project. It was helpful. I have reproduced the issue. We need additional time to investigate its cause.
                                  In the meantime, would you please describe your scenario?

                                • Patrick Hoffman 12.19.2018

                                  Hi Alisher,

                                  My use case for this is that I have a filter builder inside a dxPopUp. The pop up's height is set to auto. When opening the the pop up with no value bound to the filter builder, the pop up auto sizes itself to be quite small. This becomes an issue as the user starts to add conditions to the filter builder. The height of the filter builder grows while the pop up height stays the same.

                                  I've figured out that calling the repaint method on the popup will trigger a recalculation of the pop ups height based on the content. I've set it up so that the pop up repaint method is called in a function bound to the onValueChange event of the filter builder. This is somewhat helpful as the pop up will eventually resize once a value in a filter builder condition is changed. However, it would be preferable if the event would also trigger when a condition is added to the filter builder so that the pop up can grow with the size of the filter builder.

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                                Additional information:

                                The valueChanged event fires when the filterValue option is changed, but the filterValue option is not changed when an end user adds a new group since a group is empty and does not have conditions. Therefore we recommend you use the onContentReady event, which we added with this fix.