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                                  • Dear Devexpress Support,

                                    I would like to slightly change the appearance of the print dialog. I tried it by inheriting from the PrintEditorForm. But my changes are not showing except of the tooltip (please see class CustomPrintDialog.cs).

                                    I have attached a picture with the required design.

                                    Can you help me?

                                    Thanks in advance.

                                    Kind regards,


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                                Hello Iwan,

                                It is necessary to hide the layout control item which contains the 'lbPrintToFile' and 'chbPrintToFile' controls to accomplish this task. Here is a corresponding code snippet:

                                public CustomPrintDialog() : base() { (layoutControl1.GetItemByControl(lbPrintToFile)).Visibility = DevExpress.XtraLayout.Utils.LayoutVisibility.Never; (layoutControl1.GetItemByControl(chbPrintToFile)).Visibility = DevExpress.XtraLayout.Utils.LayoutVisibility.Never; }