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                                  • I see that you can specify the number of blank detail records to print before the regular data prints.
                                    is there a way to shift this to after the regular data?

                                    I have a form the user fills out, from the database i can pre-populate the majority of the lines, but i would like to give my user 5 additional spaces to hand write something in,   basically exactly how the before method works, but after.

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                                To accomplish this task, place the main content of your report into the DetailReport band. Clear the report's DataSource and DataMember properties and set the required values of these properties for the DetailReport band. Than add another unbound DetaiReport band to the report and set its ReportPrintOptions.DetailCountOnEmptyDataSource property to the required value. I have attached a sample video to illustrate this approach. Should you have further questions, let me know.

                                • James Harvey - HDS 08.30.2018

                                  That's how i have been doing it.  it just seems like a bit of a workaround.    I would be interested to hear the business case that wants the blank rows before the "regular data"   It just seems like every form ive ever seen that would have this kind of concept, would print the regular data. and then the blank rows.
                                  My point was that you already have a way to add empty rows to the beginning of the dataset, It would be nice if there was a way to add rows to the end of the data set as well.
                                  It could be an additional property..    IE Blank Detail Count changes to Blank Detail Count Before. and a new one Blank Detail Count After.   or there could be an additional drop down with options for before or after, asking where to place the blank rows.

                                • Dmitry Tok (DevExpress Support) 08.31.2018

                                  Hello James,

                                  Whatever you call the suggested approach, a workaround or built-in functionality, it indeed provides a way to achieve the desired document appearance. A point of view where I can't disagree with you is that we can always make our customers' life easier and offer a more straightforward and convenient approach to fulfill a report developer requirements. I'd like to note that we've already planned implementation of a feature that will allow your either to print N empty rows after the details or repeat empty rows until a page's bottom is reached. You can check the conversation details in the thread where this was requested: Invoice Report. I'd be more than happy to hear your concerns and ideas regarding possible implementation, so that I can pass your feedback to our development team before we start implementing this.

                                  As for the business cases where the BlankDetailCount property is useful: they are a bit different from the current one when you create a tabular report and mainly related to the printing of labels or multi-column reports. Here you can review them:

                                  Print report of lablels in specify position
                                  Multicolumn report insert empty columns at start
                                  Label report let user define empty items in report viewer