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                                  • Hi,
                                    I have a Problem with my Map Control.
                                    I created a Test App for the Dev Express Map Control

                                    this is my Map Control XAML Page
                                    <Page xmlns="" xmlns:x="" xmlns:local="using:MapsTest" xmlns:d="" xmlns:mc="" xmlns:Map="using:DevExpress.UI.Xaml.Map" x:Class="MapsTest.MainPage" mc:Ignorable="d"> <Grid> <Map:MapControl> <Map:ImageTilesLayer> <Map:ImageTilesLayer.DataProvider> <Map:BingMapDataProvider Kind="Road" BingKey="My_Key_is_Here"/> </Map:ImageTilesLayer.DataProvider> </Map:ImageTilesLayer> </Map:MapControl> </Grid> </Page>
                                    The Problem with this Code is that I get the following Error Message in Visual Studio

                                    Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.

                                    How can I resolve this Issue an make my Map Control work again?

                                    Please Help!

                                    best Regards,
                                    Oliver Lang
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                                • Alex (DevExpress Support) 05.03.2018
                                  Hi Oliver,

                                  My attempts to reproduce a similar issue by including your MapControl definition in a newly created sample project were not successful.
                                  Please clarify if the error occurs when running the application in debug mode or working with MapControl in design mode in Visual Studio IDE. If the issue appears to be specific to a particular page, provide your sample project for further examination. We will check for a suitable solution.
                                • Oliver Lang 1 05.07.2018
                                  Hi Alex,
                                  when I start my App(doesnt matter if release or Debug Mode), the App crahes instantly and then I get this Error Message in the Design Page

                                  I have attached my Sample Project for you.

                                  Thanks in Advance,
                                • Alex (DevExpress Support) 05.08.2018

                                  Hi Oliver,

                                  It appears that we need additional information to set up a similar testing environment. Are you running your application on a local machine, on a remote device or in a simulator?
                                  Please check to see if you can obtain detailed call stack information (see View the call stack and use the Call Stack Window in the Visual Studio debugger).
                                  In addition, specify the exact VS IDE version installed on your side. This error appears to be not reproducible in the Visual Studio 2017 IDE (v15.6).

                                • Oliver Lang 1 05.08.2018
                                  Hi Alex,
                                  Normally I run the App on my local Machine but I also tried to run it on a remote Machine.
                                  I use VS 2015 v14.0
                                  I attached a document with the detailed Stacktrace for you.

                                  Thanks for your help
                                • Alex (DevExpress Support) 05.09.2018

                                  Hi Oliver,

                                  According to our recent test, a similar error (HRESULT E_FAIL) occurs in design mode with the latest intermediate build of DevExpress assemblies (see the attached screencast, which also illustrates the exact Visual Studio IDE and SDK version installed on the testing machine).

                                  However, we are still unable to reproduce the unhandled runtime error. Can you please clarify whether you are using the release version (v17.2.7) or a hotfix build on your side?
                                  In addition, check if the Visual Studio IDE version matches the one installed on your developer machine.

                                • Oliver Lang 1 05.09.2018
                                  Hi Alex,

                                  yes the Version is the same
                                  I am currently using the Dev Express Release Version 17.2.7
                                  Additionally I have installed all the latest Windwos Updates
                                • Alex (DevExpress Support) 05.09.2018
                                  Hi Oliver,

                                  Thank you for the update. We will check for a solution and will update this ticket once we have any results. Your patience is appreciated.
                                • Oliver Lang 1 05.15.2018
                                  Hi Alex,
                                  thanks for the hotfix patch. Unfortunatly it doesnt work.
                                  I am still getting the same Error and the App crashes instantly after the Start.
                                  I used the same Code as before, without any Modifications.
                                  I attached a new Stacktrace for you.

                                • Alex (DevExpress Support) 05.16.2018
                                  Hi Oliver,

                                  Thank you for the update. We will check if a similar issue is reproducible in our testing environment. In the meantime, try to change the project's target SDK version to a more recent one and check if the same error occurs when running your application in debug mode. In addition, ensure that this issue is not specific to a particular machine by deploying the sample application to other machines.
                                • Alex (DevExpress Support) 05.17.2018
                                  A follow-up. Our attempts to reproduce a similar error locally were not successful.

                                  Please update or reinstall videocard drivers on your machine and check if the same error occurs.

                                  If so, specify the full version of the Visual Studio IDE and Windows OS (e.g., Visual Studio 14.0.25425.01 Update 3 and Windows OS 10.0.17666.1000).

                                  In addition, create a sample project with a different DevExpress component and check if it is also affected by the same problem.
                                • Oliver Lang 1 05.17.2018
                                  Hi Alex,
                                  after an update of my videoCard drivers the Problem still occurs
                                  Im am currently using Visual Studio 2015 Version 14.0.25431.01 Update 3.
                                  My Windows Version is currently 10.0.16299 Build 16299.

                                  I created a new Sample Project a tried differetn DevExpress components. The Problem occurs on the following components:
                                  Cartesian Chart
                                  Funnel Chart
                                  Pie Chart
                                • Alex (DevExpress Support) 05.17.2018
                                  Thank you for the update. Please run the attached sample project on your machine and check when the error occurs by pressing the "Create MapControl" and "Initialize Provider" buttons sequentially.
                                • Oliver Lang 1 05.17.2018
                                  thank you for the Sample Project.
                                  I ran it on my machine and it crashes  when I clicked the "Create MapControl" Button
                                • Alex (DevExpress Support) 05.18.2018
                                  May I ask you to check if the "Feature Demo" application (see the C:\Users\Public\Documents\DevExpress Demos 17.2\Components\UWP Controls\FeatureDemo folder) works correctly on your side?
                                  Specifically, check the "Svg Icon Control" (see Utility Controls) and "PDF Viewer" demo modules.
                                • Oliver Lang 1 06.11.2018
                                  Hi Alex,
                                  sorry for the late reply i wasnt in office till today.
                                  I checked the Demo and the Map Control  there isnt working aswell the PDF Viewer and the Svg Icon Control Demo are working fine.  For this Test i didnt use the hotfix available.
                                  But i will give you an update after i installed the hotfix Patch.

                                  hava a nice day .
                                • Oliver Lang 1 06.11.2018
                                  Hi again,
                                  I tried using the Dev Express 18.1 Demo Center but I cant even start the Demo center. It always starts Visual Studio and then tells me it is an incompatible Project
                                • Alex (DevExpress Support) 06.11.2018

                                  Hi Oliver,

                                  Starting with v18.1, DevExpress Windows 10 Controls use SDK v16299. You will need to use the Visual Studio 2017 IDE (v15.4.0 or higher) to work with v18.1 components (see the How to migrate to DevExpress Windows 10 Controls v18.1 from earlier versions KB article for additional information).

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