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                                  • This is probably a stupid question...In CodeRush I want to generate a field. In the good ol' days (CodeRush Classic), I would see red line that I could move anywhere outside of a method, press enter, and the field would be declared as "Private" when I pressed "Enter".

                                    Now when I try, I see a short red line with a circle at the left end. If I move it to where I want to generate the field then press enter and it inserts a "Dim" with a carriage return after it. Very annoying. What do I do to insert the definition at the proper location, prefaced with "Private"?


                                • Alex Z (DevExpress) 03.14.2018


                                  I have reproduced the issue with the carriage return being incorrectly inserted after the "Dim" keyword.
                                  Please give us some time to fix it.

                                  Currently, if you want to use "Private" instead of the "Dim" keyword, please change the following option:
                                  Open "CodeRush\Options..."
                                  Then navigate to "Editor\Visual Basic\Programming Style"
                                  Navigate to the "Member visibility modifiers" section and select "Use explicit modifiers"

                                  After this, the field should be generated with the "Private" modifier.

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