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                                  • Hello,

                                    How can I have a minified JS that only contains DataGrid part but not others?

                                    The dx.web.js now is over 2000KB, even gzipped by HTTP server, it's still over 500 KB.
                                    Is there anyway to make it smaller?
                                    Can I just take out code of other controls from dx.web.debug.js and minify it?

                                • Nicole Kitzerow 01.18.2018
                                  Hello! Did you ever figure this out? We're not sure what's even required to bundle the datagrid.

                                • Marion (DevExpress Support) 01.18.2018

                                  I kindly ask you not to post your questions under posts of other customers, but create a separate thread for each of your questions instead. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

                                  For now, I have created a separate issue on your behalf: T597491: How to use bundles

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                                Hi XiaoJI,

                                You can create your own bundle only with the required widgets. Check out the Create a Custom Bundle article for how to create it.