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                                  • Steps to reproduce:
                                    - Create a new console application.
                                    - In the Main(...) method, start at an empty line
                                    - Write "StringBuilder builder=new"

                                    I now naturally want to make a space and then type "StringBuilder();"
                                    BUT, when I enter the space bar CodeRush will instead replace my variable name "builder" with "StringBuilder". (seems to execute som "new" template or something)

                                    NOTE: It only happens when you write that in a flow/sequence. Copy pasting etc prevents it from happening.

                                    Only way to prevent it is to press the escape key, before the space bar.

                                • Marcus Nilsson 09.21.2017

                                  Here are my settings for Coderush for Roslyn

                                • Alex Eg (DevExpress) 09.21.2017

                                  Hi Marcus,
                                  I have tried to reproduce the issue following your steps and using provided settings, but failed - there is no template expansion or name replacement. Here is a screen cast of my attempts:
                                  Could you please provide us with a screencast demonstrating the issue in action?

                                • Marcus Nilsson 10.18.2017

                                  I did a screen capture of it. Multiple tries after each other.
                                  Only keys I pressed (which you don't see) is the spacebar. So it is when I press the spacebar after "new" that is behaves strange.

                                • Marcus Nilsson 10.18.2017

                                  Just for clarification: I disabled the Coderush plugin in Visual Studio and retried.
                                  No problems, behaves as expected (doesn't rename my variable).

                                  So it is related to Coderush. I also have this behavior on two different computers where I copied the CodeRush settings between from one to the other (same configuration as I provided earlier). The second computer was brand-new with a fresh installation of VS 2017.

                                • Alex Eg (DevExpress) 10.18.2017

                                  Thank you for the screencast. I have reproduced the issue using your steps. Our team is working on it.

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