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                                  • This example illustrates how to make a web or desktop applications store reports in Azure blob storage.
                                    To use this example, unpack the attached ZIP file and use the Project Converter tool to update this project to the latest available version.
                                    On opening the solution in Visual Studio, select TOOLS | “NuGet Package Manager” | “Manage NuGet Packages for Solution” and click Restore in the invoked dialog:

                                    Finally, you need to provide your Azure storage account name and key in the <appSettings> section of the App.config and Web.config files.

                                    On running any of the applications in this solution, you can click Open in the invoked End-User Report Designer to view a custom dialog listing the contents of the Azure storage.

                                    To learn about the implementation details, see the following files in this solution:

                                    1. MyReportStorageWebExtension.cs and CloudReportStorageExtension.cs - illustrate how to make a web and desktop reporting applications use an Azure blob storage for sharing reports.
                                    2. CloudReportGalleryExtension.cs - illustrates how to make a WinForms reporting application use an Azure blob storage for sharing report gallery items.

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