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                                  • Hi,

                                    I'm expieriencing some difficulties by using CodeRush. Attached are two Screenshots describing my problem.
                                    e.g. I want to write two string properties using "ps". The first one is o.k. - starting to write the second  is overwriting even the first property name.

                                    Can this behavoiur be disabled or is that a bug?

                                    Regards Wolfram

                                • Artem L (DevExpress) 05.04.2017

                                  Hello Wolfram,
                                  We have discussed your pictures. It seems like a bug and we are going to fix this soon.
                                  As a workaround, I suggest you to accept links after a change name of the first property. See the attached screencast with my step by step video.

                                • Edu van Zyl 05.14.2017

                                  I'm experiencing the same issue with CodeRush for Roslyn v16.2.8.17123 in VS2017.

                                  After expanding the template and changing the name of the first property I'm unable to accept the change (pressing Enter does nothing). If I expand another template and change the property name the original property also changes.

                                  This renders template expansion useless.

                                • Artem L (DevExpress) 05.15.2017

                                  Hello Edu,
                                  We are concerned to hear that you experience this issue. Please see the video from my previous post with workaround steps.
                                  We are working on the fix. We will notify you once we solve it.

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                                • Edu van Zyl 05.23.2017

                                  Hi Artem

                                  The hotfix has partially resolved my problem.

                                  When I create a new property using template expansion (e.g. as + space) the links are no longer linked to links in properties defined earlier but while on an active link it's as if my Enter key is totally disabled. So pressing either of the Enter keys on my keyboard does absolutely nothing.

                                  Also, the Tab key does not navigate to the next link.

                                  Also, it seems as if the links does not ever get accepted. If I create a property using ps + space the private variables remain linked and editing one will modify all 3 instances. The only way to de-activate the links is to close and re-open the solution.

                                  The template expansion is now usable again though slightly awkward to work with as you have to click around to get to the next link.

                                  Hope you can get this fully resolved soon.



                                • Artem L (DevExpress) 05.23.2017

                                  Hi Edu,
                                  It seems that your shortcut settings are corrupted by some reason. Would you please provide us with your CodeRush settings? To do this, go to the CodeRush\Support\Settings Folder.. menu item. Then zip content of the opened folder and share the archive with us.

                                • Edu van Zyl 05.30.2017

                                  Hi Artem.

                                  You were probably correct regarding the settings getting corrupted.

                                  I had tried many things, including uninstalling and reinstalling VS2017. I also had VS2013 and VS2015 installed as well as Classic CodeRush (in VS2013 and VS2015). I've now totally wiped VS2015 as I was getting other errors in it. BUt nothing seemed to fix the issue.

                                  After reading your last comment I renamed the Settings folder and re-ran the CodeRush Setup Wizard and then all was working again.

                                  Just wish I had read your previous post earlier as I now still have a few hours ahead of reinstalling everything else I have uninstalled.

                                  I've attached the old Settings folder (from User\AppData\Roaming) just for reference.

                                  Thanks for the help.



                                • Alex X (DevExpress) 05.31.2017

                                  Hi Edu,

                                  We are happy to hear that you have managed to resolve the problem. Thank you for informing us.

                                  JFY: I have applied the settings you have provided and found that the entire "Navigation" section was somehow disabled in your shortcut configuration. Since the shortcut for the NavLinkAccept action is part of this section, it becomes also disabled.