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                                  • This article lists configuration options and settings that are specified in code generated by the most recent Solution Wizard version. In most cases, these options are feature toggles used to enable new features and functionality without affecting the existing applications behavior. If your XAF application is created using an older version of the Solution Wizard, you can review the list below and enable required features manually.


                                    <SolutionName>.Win\WinApplication.cs, SolutionName>.Web\WebApplication.cs and <SolutionName>.Mobile\MobileApplication.cs 


                                    In these files, all feature toggles are grouped in the “Default XAF configuration options” region.


                                    Password Cryptography Options

                                    XAF applications do not store user passwords as plain text. Instead, the derived hash is created from the password using the Rfc2898DeriveBytes or SHA512 class. The behavior is specified using the static EnableRfc2898 and SupportLegacySha512 properties of the DevExpress.Persistent.Base.PasswordCryptographer class. For details, refer to the Access Passwords in Code section of the Passwords in the Security System topic. These properties are available since 16.2.5. 

                                    DevExpress.Persistent.Base.PasswordCryptographer.EnableRfc2898 = true; DevExpress.Persistent.Base.PasswordCryptographer.SupportLegacySha512 = false;


                                    XafApplication.LinkNewObjectToParentImmediately Property

                                    The XafApplication.LinkNewObjectToParentImmediately property specifies whether or not the link between a master and a child object is created immediately when the NewObjectViewController.NewObjectAction is being executed in a nested List View with a non-aggregated collection. Available since 15.2.2. 

                                    this.LinkNewObjectToParentImmediately = false;


                                    XafApplication.OptimizedControllersCreation Property

                                    When the XafApplication.OptimizedControllersCreation property is set to true, View Controllers that won't be activated due to ViewController.TargetViewType ViewController.TargetViewNestingViewController.TargetObjectType or ViewController.TargetViewId restrictions are not created in nested List Views. Available since 16.2.6

                                    this.OptimizedControllersCreation = true;


                                    XafApplication.CheckCompatibilityType Property

                                    The XafApplication.CheckCompatibilityType property specifies how the database and application compatibility is checked. Available since 15.2.2. This property is visible in the Application Designer and thus is initialized in the “Component Designer generated code” region.

                                    this.CheckCompatibilityType = DevExpress.ExpressApp.CheckCompatibilityType.DatabaseSchema;




                                    In addition to the platform-agnostic options listed in the previous section, the following WinForms specific options are available.

                                    WinApplication.UseLightStyle Property
                                    The WinApplication.UseLightStyle property enables the Light Style form templates. The Light Style layout is cleaner as it eliminates excessive borders.

                                    UseLightStyle = true;


                                    WinReportServiceController.UseNewWizard Property
                                    The WinReportServiceController.UseNewWizard property specifies if the Report Wizard with enhanced skins support and optimized for high DPI displays is used. Available since 16.2.2. 

                                    DevExpress.ExpressApp.ReportsV2.Win.WinReportServiceController.UseNewWizard = true;



                                    The following ASP.NET specific options are available.


                                    WebApplication.EnableMultipleBrowserTabsSupport Property

                                    When the static EnableMultipleBrowserTabsSupport property is set to true, each loaded web window has a unique identifier within the ASP.NET session. By using these window identifiers, all requests are correctly routed on the server side.

                                    WebApplication.EnableMultipleBrowserTabsSupport = true;


                                    Filter Control Hierarchy Options

                                    When you edit criteria using the Visual tab, you can either select object properties in a plain list or in the tree-like structure (which makes referenced objects' properties available). For details, see the Criteria Property Editors Options in ASP.NET Applications section in the Criteria Properties.  Similar ASPxGridListEditor options adjust the behavior of the grid's filter control: ASPxGridListEditor.AllowFilterControlHierarchy and ASPxGridListEditor.MaxFilterControlHierarchyDepth. Available since 15.2.2.

                                    DevExpress.ExpressApp.Web.Editors.ASPx.ASPxGridListEditor.AllowFilterControlHierarchy = true; DevExpress.ExpressApp.Web.Editors.ASPx.ASPxGridListEditor.MaxFilterControlHierarchyDepth = 3; DevExpress.ExpressApp.Web.Editors.ASPx.ASPxCriteriaPropertyEditor.AllowFilterControlHierarchyDefault = true; DevExpress.ExpressApp.Web.Editors.ASPx.ASPxCriteriaPropertyEditor.MaxHierarchyDepthDefault = 3;





                                    WebApplication.SwitchToNewStyle Method

                                    The WebApplication.SwitchToNewStyle method enables the new web UI optimized for touch devices and was introduced in 15.1.5.

                                    protected void Session_Start(Object sender, EventArgs e) { // ... WebApplication.SetInstance(Session, new Solution23AspNetApplication()); // ... WebApplication.Instance.SwitchToNewStyle(); // ... }





                                    SecurityAdapterHelper.Enable Method

                                    The static SecurityAdapterHelper.Enable method called from the Program.Main method enables Security Permissions Caching in XPO-based applications. Available since 16.1.1.





                                    WinForms UI Options

                                    In the WinForms application model differences, Solution Wizard overrides the default skin, UI type and other options to [provide more modern look-and-feel for new XAF projects.

                                    <Application Logo="ExpressAppLogo"> <Options Skin="Visual Studio 2013 Blue" UIType="TabbedMDI" FormStyle="Ribbon"> <RibbonOptions RibbonControlStyle="Office2013" /> </Options> </Application>


                                    <SolutionName>.Module.Win\WebModule.cs and <SolutionName>.Module.Web\WebModule.cs


                                    Database Storage for Model Differences

                                    The XafApplication.CreateCustomUserModelDifferenceStore event is handled in order to store the Application Model differences in the database, separately for each user. The Database Storage feature is available since 14.2.2.

                                    public override void Setup(XafApplication application) { base.Setup(application); application.CreateCustomUserModelDifferenceStore += Application_CreateCustomUserModelDifferenceStore; } private void Application_CreateCustomUserModelDifferenceStore(Object sender, CreateCustomModelDifferenceStoreEventArgs e) { e.Store = new ModelDifferenceDbStore((XafApplication)sender, typeof(ModelDifference), false, "Win"); // In ASP.NET module, pass 'Web' as the contextId e.Handled = true; }





                                    ASPxColorPickerPropertyEditor Property Editor

                                    The EditorType property of the ViewItems | PropertyEditors | System.Drawing.Color node specifies that the ASPxColorPickerPropertyEditor property editor should be used for Color Properties instead of the legacy ASPxColorPropertyEditor. The ASPxColorPickerPropertyEditor class is introduced in 17.1.2.

                                    <ViewItems> <PropertyEditor Name="PropertyEditors"> <RegisteredPropertyEditor PropertyType="System.Drawing.Color" EditorType="DevExpress.ExpressApp.Web.Editors.ASPx.ASPxColorPickerPropertyEditor" /> </PropertyEditor> </ViewItems>





                                    BaseObject.OidInitializationMode Property

                                    This code line in the module’s constructor specifies that the unique identifier is immediately assigned to a newly created XPO persistent object. The BaseObject.OidInitializationMode property is available since 10.2.6.

                                    BaseObject.OidInitializationMode = OidInitializationMode.AfterConstruction;


                                    CalculatedPersistentAliasHelper.CustomizeTypesInfo Method

                                    The static CalculatedPersistentAliasHelper.CustomizeTypesInfo method is used to process the CalculatedPersistentAlias attribute applied to an XPO persistent class. See the How to: Change the Format Used for the FullAddress and FullName Properties example. The method was introduced in 12.1.4.

                                    public override void CustomizeTypesInfo(ITypesInfo typesInfo) { base.CustomizeTypesInfo(typesInfo); CalculatedPersistentAliasHelper.CustomizeTypesInfo(typesInfo); }





                                    RequiredFieldMark Property

                                    The RequiredFieldMark property of the Options | LayoutManagerOptions node specifies the localizable character or string which is appended to the field label when the RuleRequiredField rule demands a field to have a value. Available since 15.2.2.

                                    <Options> <LayoutManagerOptions RequiredFieldMark="*" /> </Options>



                                    See Also: How to Update the Middle Tier Implementation when Upgrading to XAF v17.2+


                                • Fabio Scarvaglieri 05.16.2017
                                  Maybe you want to add:

                                  ModelCacheManager.UseMultithreadedLoading = true; ModelCacheManager.SkipEmptyNodes = true;

                                • Konstantin B (DevExpress) 05.16.2017
                                  Hello Fabio,

                                  These options are not accessed in the default generated code, and thus they are not the subject of this KB article. Model Cache is designed to be enabled manually, when required. We do not recommend enabling it unless you experience the lack of startup performance.

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