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                                  • Here is the stack trace from Visual Studio's notification:

                                    System.NullReferenceException : Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at async DevExpress.CodeAnalysis.Refactorings.RefactoringAction.IsAvailable(<Unknown Parameters>) at async DevExpress.CodeAnalysis.Refactorings.RefactoringProvider.RefactoringIsAvailable(<Unknown Parameters>) at async DevExpress.CodeAnalysis.Refactorings.RefactoringProvider.GetAvailableRefactorings(<Unknown Parameters>) at async DevExpress.CodeAnalysis.Refactorings.RefactoringProvider.ComputeRefactoringsAsync(<Unknown Parameters>) at async Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CodeRefactorings.CodeRefactoringService.GetRefactoringFromProviderAsync(<Unknown Parameters>)

                                    CodeRush log file is attached.

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                                • JHorv 04.03.2017

                                  Also, clicking the "Enable and ignore future errors" option does not prevent the message from appearing repeatedly.  I just have to leave it up.

                                • JHorv 04.03.2017

                                  Nevermind about having to leave it up.  Apparently clicking the X in the notification box is the same as saying "okay, leave it disabled."  I just don't know how to reenable it once CR is fixed.

                                • Crem Solutions Developer 04.03.2017

                                  Have the same notification :/
                                  clicking the X in the notification box does not prevent the message from appearing . just recompile the solutiosn and the notification is there.

                                • JHorv 04.03.2017

                                  I noticed in your screenshot you are working on a XAF business object - that's what I was doing too when the CR error occurred regularly.

                                • JHorv 04.03.2017

                                  And rebuilding the solution didn't make the error reappear for me - I had to close/reopen VS and then it was back.

                                • Eugene R (DevExpress) 04.04.2017

                                  Hi Jim,

                                  Thank you for contacting us and providing with the log file.
                                  We were able localize the point in code where the exception is thrown.
                                  I've passed this report to our developers. We'll inform you when the issue is fixed.

                                  At the same time, I was not able to reproduce the scenario when IntroduceSetterBodyProvider crashes.
                                  It would be helpful if you prepare a simple project where the error happens and send it to us.

                                • Eugene R (DevExpress) 04.04.2017

                                  Hi Jim,
                                  We've prepared a build with the corrections. Here is a link.
                                  Please install it and let us know if the error is fixed.

                                • JHorv 04.04.2017

                                  Thanks Eugene, I tried this new build and the problem reoccurred within a few minutes.
                                  I confirmed I'm using the new 17094 version via the CodeRush/About window.
                                  The stack trace is identical.
                                  The attached zip file contains the log file and a complete solution to reproduce the problem.
                                  I even found a specific action that reproduces it:

                                      1. Open the file T499420.Module\BusinessObjects\Location.cs
                                      2. Move your cursor to be somewhere inside the text of the "[RuleRequiredField]" attribute on line 22.
                                      3. Use the Ctrl+. key combination, the error is triggered.

                                • Eugene R (DevExpress) 04.05.2017

                                  Hi Jim,

                                  Thank you very much for sending us the test project.
                                  I've reprodused the problem.
                                  Please give us some time. We will prepare a correction and let you know about this.

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                                • Christian Ista 04.12.2017

                                  not possible to publish the vsix installer ?


                                • Dmitry O (DevExpress) 04.13.2017

                                  Yes, of course.
                                  We have uploaded the CodeRush for Roslyn .vsix installer too.