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                                  • When attempting to run my xUnit 2.1 tests through the CodeRush TestRunner I get:

                                    File D:\mc\Analytics-StreamAnalytics\src\StreamAnalytics\Tests\bin\Debug\net462\win7-x64\ not found on disk.
                                    No unit test provider that supports the selected project(s) is found.

                                    However, D:\mc\Analytics-StreamAnalytics\src\StreamAnalytics\Tests\bin\Debug\net462\win7-x64\ is on the disk, and it contains all the compilation products including


                                    In the test runner options the xunit settings refer to xunit files in my profile that are there.

                                    Disabling CodeRush's test runner and using the test runner in Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise works fine.

                                    How do I configure test to run correctly in the CodeRush test runner?

                                • Alexander K (DevExpress) 03.23.2017

                                  Thank you for pointing out this issue and providing the details. I have reproduced it in a sample project. We are working on this issue and will inform you on our progress once we have any results.

                                • Peter Shrosbree 03.29.2017

                                  I don't see how to download the hotfix. Nor do I see the comment that I could download a hotfix that is in the email you sent me.

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                                • Thomas Betts 03.28.2017

                                  After installing the hotfix, I was able to run xUnit/SpecFlow tests using the DevExpress Test Runner in VS2017. I did not submit the ticket, but was previously experiencing the same error.

                                  However, the code coverage is only including the unit test projects, not the code which is being tested.

                                  Thank you.

                                • Roman Kalachik (DevExpress) 03.28.2017

                                  Hi Thomas,
                                  It is great to hear that the test runner works properly with xUnit/SpecFlow frameworks after applying the hot fix. Regarding the code coverage. Code coverage is calculated only for projects included into the solution. So, please make sure that your tested projects are included in the solution and let us know your results.

                                • Thomas Betts 03.28.2017

                                  My projects under test are all in the solution, but still not displaying code coverage.

                                  I created a new solution to test this out, and after several scenarios I concluded that Code Coverage is not available for .NET Standard projects, only .NET Framework projects . Is this the expected behavior?

                                  If necessary, I can file a new bug report, and provide my sample project.

                                • Roman Kalachik (DevExpress) 03.29.2017

                                  Thomas, I guess this setting may cause the problem you described. Please try to change its value from portable to full. If It does not help, send us a sample project.

                                • Thomas Betts 03.30.2017

                                  Changing that setting worked for our class libraries. Thanks!

                                  However, it didn't make an immediate fix for our web api project. I will try adding a web app project to my sample solution to see if I can reproduce the issue.

                                • Roman Kalachik (DevExpress) 03.31.2017

                                  Thomas, I am happy to hear that the advice was helpful. Would you please create a separate ticket and attach that problematic web api project to it?