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                                You should refresh the page.
                                  • ASPxCallbackPanel control doesn’t save JSProperties values within callback loop on redirected page. It was very hard to find this error, which occurs only on the newest version of Chrome (Version 57.0.2987.98 (64-bit)) and only on the first redirect to page that owns callback control.

                                    With older versions of Chrome and IE is all ok!

                                    See Attachment!


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                                • Sasa Pavlinjek 03.15.2017
                                  Here is another copy of (SideMenu.xml...)!
                                  Bug is also in 'ASPxRibbon', then after callback JS values are 'undefined', also 'RibbonDropDownButtonItem' don't drop down!

                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 03.16.2017

                                  Hello Sasa,

                                  I've tried to reproduce the issue on my side, but without success: see the attached video. As you can see, the client-side variables have values; they are not undefined. Probably, the issue occurs because you are using and outdated version of the 16.1 build. I suggest that you consider upgrading to v16.1.11. It contains the latest fixes and may solve the problem automatically.

                                  Also, I would like to add a couple of words regarding the approach itself. Currently, it is not clear why JSProperties are used in this scenario: the values are specified in the BeginCallback event handler (which is client-side) and used in the EndCallback event handler (which is also client-side). The JSProperties are designed for passing values from the server to the client side: How to: Access Server Data on the Client Side. If you wish to pass some information between the BeginCallback and EndCallback event handlers, you can use a basic JavaScript variable; ASPxGridView's functionality is not required there. I suggest that you consider using this approach in your scenario.

                                • Sasa Pavlinjek 03.16.2017
                                  This is only sample for your testing. In real scenario values are used also on server side. I will upgrade to latest vetrsion and try again. So, i will inform you about results.
                                • Sasa Pavlinjek 03.19.2017
                                  I have upgraded to 16.1.11 build and the result is the same!
                                  On testing you shold refresh page more times to get this error!
                                  See atteched video!
                                  I think that other tickets about issues with Chrome 57 are based on same bug.
                                • Sasa Pavlinjek 03.19.2017
                                  Bug is the same with version 16.2.5!!!
                                  I have attached two videos:

                                  2017-03-19_1624-ver56.swf    - Chrome version 56 - OK
                                  2017-03-19_1619-ver57.swf    - Chrome version 57 - Error on Callback

                                  It seems to be a very serious bug. I hope you will find a solution.

                                • Leo Somers 03.20.2017
                                  I think Sasa is right, in Chrome  57.0.2987.110 it really appears 'sometimes' that JSProperties are undefined.

                                  I experience a similar problem, which does not occur in previous chrome versions and not in all other browsers. So it is not a DevExpress bug. In the newest Chrome browser, obviously they introduced a bug .

                                • Sasa Pavlinjek 03.20.2017
                                  It dosn't appears 'sometimes', but almost on every page refresh! I think that JSProperties are one of major functionality of DX controls, so i think is hard to explain to customers not to use Chrome.

                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 03.20.2017

                                  Hello Sasa,

                                  I tested your project again and reproduced the issue. However, I can reproduce it only when the Developer Tools are enabled in Chrome. Would you please clarify if you have the same problem on your side? If it is possible to reproduce the problem using your project without Developer Tools, please let me know how. 
                                  For now, I've simplified the attached project, so that the issue occurs in it as well. I've attached it here along with a screencast demonstrating the issue. Please note that I get the same behavior in the non-modified project.
                                  We will research the issue further and let you know of the results. 

                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 03.20.2017


                                  I see that you've submitted another (private) ticket. If you wish, we will continue our conversation in it: I've updated it. You are also welcome to share your feedback regarding this issue in this ticket.

                                • Sasa Pavlinjek 03.20.2017
                                  I have tested your sample and i get the same behavior (with all latest versions of DX).
                                  So for info:
                                  So for help...
                                  In my sample, if error occurs , 'EndCallback' points on VM185:19, otherwise correctly on 'Default.aspx' index 845.

                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 03.20.2017

                                  Thank you for the info, Sasa. As I can see, the Developer Tools are also enabled in these screenshots. Would you please clarify whether it is possible to reproduce the issue without using Developer Tools and debugger on your side? It will help us in further research.

                                • Michael Linschulte 03.20.2017
                                  Just wanted to let you know that we are facing the same issue. Do you have any perspective on a solution?
                                • Stason (DevExpress Support) 03.20.2017

                                  @Michael, we are researching this issue now. But, I can't give you a precise time frame as to when this issue will be resolved. We greatly appreciate your patience. In addition, I suggest you add this ticket to your favorites to know about our progress. If you have any further details that might help us research this issue, please share them with us.

                                • Andrey Krasnov 2 03.20.2017
                                  Please give a priority to this issue. It affects half of our system, and its a Critical now to solve it ASAP!

                                  Thank you.
                                • Sasa Pavlinjek 03.20.2017
                                  We can reproduce this Error on production too!
                                • Andrey Krasnov 2 03.20.2017
                                  DevExpress guys, please find a fix for this as soon as possible. Hundreds of our clients are affected!
                                • Monica Dragan 03.21.2017
                                  The same with us, hundreds of clients with erroneous functioning applications! (loading panels blocked in loading, repetitive operations on add or delete data with callback, etc.)
                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 03.21.2017

                                  Hi all,

                                  Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We completely understand the importance of this issue and we are already working on it. This task is of highest priority now. Keep an eye on updates in this thread, we will do our best to find a solution as soon as possible.

                                • Gavin Duffy 03.21.2017
                                  same issue here
                                • FloridaDevs 03.21.2017
                                  Yup...boss man is chewing me a new one.  This is awesome
                                • Vik Handa! 03.24.2017
                                  Hello all,

                                  We are also experiencing similar issues along the lines of what Monica Dragan has mentioned: eternal loading panels, seemingly blocked callbacks, etc.

                                  Our production DX version does not appear to have a hotfix as per the list in the solution topic and applying the latest official release has had no effect.

                                  I am sure you are all working diligently on resolving this problem and it's Chrome that has let us all down but our need is becoming urgent.

                                • Paul (DevExpress Support) 03.24.2017

                                  Hi Vik,

                                  The latest official release doesn't contain the fix yet. You need to download a hotfix from this thread (see below) and install it on your machine. A hotfix is actually a typical installer, but it is built between the official releases and contains the required fix. Install it and let me know if this helps.

                                1 Solution

                                Creation Date Importance Sort by


                                Additional information:

                                We researched the issue and here are our results. In the newest version of Google Chrome, the hash table of the "script" objects is cleared in certain conditions. Our components store information about scripts' execution in this hash table in the following way:

                                script.executed = true;


                                This flag is used to prevent duplicate script execution. When Chrome removes it, the script is executed again and again, which leads to unexpected behavior on callbacks. We have fixed this issue on our side by using the data attributes instead of the flag.

                                This change was applied to the recent versions of our controls (v16.1, v16.2 and upcoming v17.1) and we will publish hotfix builds shortly. Taking into account the fact that the issue is a showstopper for many people, we also added the fix to v15.1 and 15.2. 

                                For older versions (v14.2 and earlier), it is possible to use a workaround by overwriting some of our functions. I've attached two script patches to the ticket; use one of them depending on your version:
                                v13.2.10 - v.14.2.14 - "ChromeFix_14.js"
                                v13.2 - v13.2.9 - "ChromeFix_13.js"
                                v12.2 - v13.1 - "ChromeFix_12.js"

                                We recommend adding references to scripts to the end of the page (for instance, before the closing "body" tag). If you encounter any issues with the script fixes, please submit a ticket with the description of the problem and specify the exact version of DevExpress products used in your project. 

                                The scripts can be used in old versions only. If you have v15.1 or 15.2, use the hotfix builds. If you are using v16.1 and newer, you can either use the hotfix or wait for the official update. 


                                Recently we reported this issue to the Chromium team. It looks like they are aware of this problem and working on it. Please see this thread for additional details.

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                                • Monica Dragan 03.22.2017

                                  Can you please be more specific with the <<"head" of your application>> for version v14.1? I have included the script in the head section of a page and nothing has changed.

                                • Leo Somers 03.22.2017
                                  I included the ChromeFix.js in the head section of the MasterPage.master of our webapplication project and all related pages now work perfectly again. Wow!

                                  Many many thanks to the amazing DevExpress Support Team. You did an absolutely First Class job by providing this solution, which even works in v12.2.11.0  
                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 03.22.2017


                                  You can include the attached script file into the following way:

                                  <head runat="server">     <title></title>     <script src="ChromeFix.js"></script> </head>

                                   I've checked it on one of our test projects, and it should work correctly in v14.1. If this does not help, please submit a separate ticket with a project illustrating the issue, and we will research your scenario in greater detail. 

                                • Sasa Pavlinjek 03.22.2017
                                  I'm still waiting for hotfix?!?
                                • Jérôme Pistoresi 03.22.2017
                                  Hi Helen,

                                  We are using v15.1.6 and you are saying the following: " It may take additional time to prepare a hotfix for these versions, since they are in discontinued state, but we will do our best to deliver them fast. "

                                  Do you have an estimated time when the fix will come for this specific version?

                                  Thanks in advance.
                                • Michael Linschulte 03.22.2017

                                  thanks for the hotfix, I just downloaded it. For regression testing we need to know the list of changes between the last Release of version 16.2.5 (28 Feb 2017) and this fix. Does it contain just this single fix or more? Unfortunately we observed in the past several problems when updating DevExpress resutling in an exhaustive regression test. This short info would help us to identify the required effort.

                                  Thank you in advance!
                                  BR, Michael
                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 03.22.2017

                                  @Sasa, @Jerome

                                  We uploaded hotfix builds from v15.1 to v16.2. Feel free to download them: How to request a hotfix.


                                  Our hotfixes are cumulative, so they include fixes for other bugs as well. Unfortunately, we don't provide a list of fixed bugs for such builds. But I agree that this information may be helpful. So, thank you for bringing this idea to our attention.


                                • Gavin Duffy 03.22.2017
                                  Helpful? I cannot push a release into production without knowing what needs to be tested. We have been burned too many times in the past with unexpected changes in a release
                                • Mariusz Nowakowski 03.22.2017

                                  This issue\fix is also related to DevExtreme components ?

                                • Ken Morris 03.22.2017
                                  Hello DevExpress, is it possible to get a hotfix for this issue in ASP.NET version 
                                • Sasa Pavlinjek 03.22.2017
                                  Thanx! For now, this fix is ok.
                                  Many thanx!

                                • Jérôme Pistoresi 03.22.2017
                                  Thanks. It is also working for us!

                                • Kenneth Rønning 03.22.2017
                                  This hotfix did not work for me. I still have callback problems with chrome 57.
                                • Mariusz Nowakowski 03.22.2017

                                  @Helen (DevExpress Support)

                                  I used attached test project, but I changed version of Devexpress to It should work ? Functions from js ChromeFix.js have been not executed.

                                • jose pais 1 03.22.2017
                                  Dear Helen,,

                                  I just installed and just fix some issues. Not at all.

                                  When I edit a row in a gridview the scrollbar doesn't work after that, please see the .swf attached.
                                • MOINARD STEPHANE 03.23.2017

                                  We encounter the same issue with the gridview (post from jose pais). 

                                  Is DevExpress investigating on that problem, which is blocking ?

                                  Thank you for your reply.
                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 03.23.2017


                                  >>This issue\fix is also related to DevExtreme components ?
                                  We have not encountered any problems with DevExtreme components in newest Chrome version.

                                  >>I used attached test project, but I changed version of Devexpress to It should work ? Functions from js ChromeFix.js have been not executed.
                                  In general, this fix should work in v13.2 as well. If this approach causes problems in your project, please submit a new ticket regarding this issue.

                                  The link for downloading the hotfix installation for version 15.1 is available in the Answer section. You need to install this build to your machine and rebuild the project with this version. I also recommend that you refer to the How to request a hotfix link describing how the patch (hotfix) builds works. 


                                  Please submit a separate ticket regarding the problem and provide us with more information about the problem (sample test project, steps to reproduce, DevExpress version). We will investigate your case further.


                                  To process this issue more efficiently, I re-activated your ticket regarding this issue. We will update it soon.

                                • Monica Dragan 03.26.2017
                                  DevExpress Support Team don't you think that this is a very disappointing and unprofessional fact with your components to be in this situation?

                                  We have hundreds of unsatisfied customers because we don't test our applications in the prerelease versions of the browsers. This is one of the reasons that we are paying for your components: to have good compatibility with browsers. This text is on the first page of yours components: "...All major browsers including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, are fully supported and continuously tested to ensure the best possible compatibility.", don't you think that the tests must be made on the beta/prerelease versions of browsers?
                                  Two weeks ago, when the Chrome57 was already released, Sasa Pavlinjek (whom we thank very much) started sending the problems to you and even then he must prove to you that the problems exist.
                                  The time for our application fix release was much longer because we were using version 14.2 on our applications and we didn't manage to make it work with the ChromeFix in the head of pages. We couldn't demonstrate it on a demo project and we started the upgrade because we thought the problem will be solved much faster. The upgrade made a lot of out pages unusable and we had to edit dozens of pages to make it work (update panels, changed properties, etc.).
                                  We are very disappointed about this severe bug situation!
                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 03.27.2017
                                  Hi Monica,

                                  While this issue is caused by the recent browser update, our ASP.NET team developers are working on its fix. The issue occurs in rather specific conditions; even the project attached to this ticket required additional modifications before we reproduced the problem. Major versions of our code have many differences. Nevertheless, the fixes for many versions (including the old versions that are not maintained anymore - see the list above) have been already released. Currently, we are working on the fix for version 12.2. So, if you still face many difficulties after upgrading, you can try to apply the provided fix for version 14.2. Place the fix into the page end, but not into the page head. We discovered this condition after the mentioned fix was published and you seemed to have applied the fix without it. But I would still recommend you contact us in our Support Center and we will be happy to assist you with all the difficulties that appeared after the upgrade.

                                  Unfortunately, we cannot use beta versions of browsers for testing because very often they contain issues that will be fixed before the next version is officially released. If we modify our code to fix errors that won't be released in the official version, the code becomes a mess very shortly. Permanent modifications of code in minor builds also increase the possibility of random errors that could be found in scenarios with very specific conditions.

                                  We greatly appreciate our customers' confidence and are doing our best to fix this issue on our side as soon as possible. I assume that Google Chrome R&D team may also fix this issue on their side in the future, but meanwhile, our customers can already get the fix for current and old versions today.
                                • Richard Yoes 03.27.2017
                                  Monica has a point and the whole purpose of them releasing beta / dev builds is for you to identify issues and communicate with them to find out if you need to resolve them or they do.  As a component provider that responsibility falls on you.   I take from the series of events that you were only aware of the issue after the release and that it took 7 days before it became the highest priority.

                                  Many of your customers were probably affected, more than you realize as not everyone reports the issue but checks on existing tickets and most people are automatically upgraded to the latest browser release.  We had many broken pages with the Chrome 57 release.  As a decision maker, I can tell you that if our clients are unhappy and unable to use our site, then we are unhappy.  

                                  Yes we can tell them to temporarily use a different browser, but the simple perception is that our site is bugged.

                                  I guess what I am looking for is for you to be more proactive on testing issues with beta builds to protect us and our clients from major issues like this.  I would suggest you add staff to target this specific issue.  It would grow confidence in your product.

                                  It's hard for me to put the blame on Google as they announce changes, publish builds for testing and have forums for support and issues.

                                • Edward O'Leary 03.27.2017

                                  Further to the chat about this topic, we applied the hot fix and in testing we found the issue spread to include Firefox and Edge. Did anyone else find the same thing?

                                  We strongly recommend if applying the hot fix that you test it extensively and not rely on it to fix the problem.

                                  The issue is widespread enough for DevExpress to be able to find and fix the problem for themselves without asking us for a sample solution which is a stall, and a further waste of our time. Our site is seriously compromised by this issue and our clients are not happy. Neither are we.

                                • Leo Somers 03.27.2017
                                  @Monica and @Richard: please could you stop releasing your frustrations on this support forum, it doesn't contribute anything to the solution.

                                  It's also irrelevant to decide who is responsible for whatever and what others have to do. I also could say then why didn't you test your application in the beta of Chrome57 and reveal the issue in advance by yourself?

                                  I'm absolutely positive that DevExpress Team is making a tremendous amount of effort to ensure their components are of the highest possible quality and work fine in all major browsers. True, quite some developers (including me) were unpleasantly hit by the unexpected behavior of the newest Chrome. So be it. Stop complaining and pointing to others, let's just face this nasty problem and focus on finding a practical and working solution together for our users.

                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 03.28.2017
                                  [Moved from Answer section]
                                  Vik Handa 1
                                  Edward which version of the controls are you on?

                                  Edward O'Leary
                                  Prior to the hot fix we were version 16.2.3 and then we upgraded to 16.2.5 and then applied the hot fix.

                                • Sasa Pavlinjek 03.28.2017
                                  "DevExpress" team did really good job by fixing versions. Thanx to all!

                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 03.28.2017


                                  I see that you have already submitted a private ticket dedicated to the problem you encountered with the hotfix installed. I re-activated that thread. Let's continue our conversation in it.

                                • Patrik J 03.28.2017
                                  So, when could we expect a full release with fixes for this? Hotfixes are a nightmare to keep track of in a production environment.
                                • Vik Handa! 03.28.2017
                                  FYI for those concerned: initial testing with the hotfix for version 16.1 has proven successful for us.  So far I see behaviour back to normal for Chrome 57.

                                  I too have been frustrated by this problem. I didn't need to have my time sucked up with an issue that shouldn't have existed in the first place.  Nature of the beast when it comes to software.  If it hadn't been Chrome at fault it might've been any or several f the dozens (hundreds?) of components, platforms, O/S's, hardware bits in the stack that ends with the browser that our users eventually interact with.  Laying ultimate blame for this at the feet of the DX team is a little unfair, I think.

                                  Thanks for the efforts, DX team...

                                • Patrik J 03.28.2017
                                  So, where can we find a hotfix for 16.2.5? It is mentioned in the text as existing but no download link is available in the main post containing the links?
                                • Patrik J 03.28.2017
                                  Are we sure these problems only affect Chrome? Because we are experiencing weird problems in Firefox (52.0.1) like the ones described here but in IE11 it works?
                                • FloridaDevs 03.28.2017
                                  What issues in firefox?  The popupcontrol client side "shown" does not fire if the popupcontrol is set to modal.  Just an example...I have a ticket open, that has been confirmed and I'm waiting for another update.
                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 03.29.2017

                                  Hello All,

                                  The official minor update for 16.2 version is undergoing testing now. If everything goes as expected, it will be released this week. We recommend using this update instead of the hotfix once it is released. Meanwhile, if you have an urgent need for the fixes in these versions you can use this link:


                                  Should you have any questions or face any difficulties with the fixes provided there, don't hesitate to contact us. I kindly ask you to create a separate ticket with details in this case: this way, we will be able to research the case more efficiently.

                                • Martijn van IJperen 03.29.2017
                                  Question we have a very old product running DevExpress 9.2.4. Does this problem apply to this version? If so could this also be fixed with a javascript fix?
                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 03.29.2017


                                  I see that you submitted another ticket dedicated to problems with callbacks not so long ago (T497528). If this is the ticket dedicated to the described problem, please refer to it: we already answered it. If you meant a different issue, please create a ticket regarding it. We will be happy to assist you with it.


                                  We don't have reports regarding this issue in v9.2 so far. If you face any problems, feel free to submit a ticket with more details. We will do our best to resolve them.

                                • Michael Linschulte 03.29.2017
                                  Hi Helen,

                                  I would like to thank you for supporting this ticket which in general shows the problem of web development and the risk of a new Browser update.

                                  Your hotfix contained several for us unpredictable changes (we observed this by analyzing source code of last official release and hotifx given in this ticket). Just an idea for your overall hotfix procedure. We experienced this to be a solid one which is also known as best practice:

                                  When we provide a hotfix, we create branch from last official release and apply only the hotfix to this branch. Thus, this leads to hotfix 1 containing only this single change. Testing this hotfix is more easy as we can focus on the affected area. If another hotfix is required, we apply this new change to hotfix 1 leading to hotfix 2. Story continues until next official release. In this way it is also more easy to provide release notes.

                                  However, I do not know your internal development structure and with how many hotfixes you have to fight with (since hotfixes are only available via tickets in the regular case). Having a hotfix package as stated above would reduce our efforts for testing as well.

                                  BR, Michael

                                • Edward O'Leary 03.29.2017
                                  HI there

                                  Please test the largedatabase combo in the batch grid with a partialview for the combo column. I have attached a sample project which has been broken after installing Devexpress 16.2.6.. I have posted the same in a private ticket as well and thought useful for you guys to get on to it quickly

                                  Jos Painuthara
                                • Marcus Aurelius Lee 03.29.2017

                                  Any update for 15.2 version?

                                • Jenny (DevExpress Support) 03.30.2017
                                  Hello Marcus,

                                  You can download a hotfix for Build 15.2  in the Solution section of this ticket:

                                  >> v2015 vol 2.16 : Download hotfix

                                  Please let me know if it helps.
                                • Jenny (DevExpress Support) 03.30.2017

                                  Hello Jos,

                                  We are testing this behavior in the context of the GridView - Batch Edit - ComboBoxes does not work in Google Chrome 57 thread. Let's continue our discussion there.

                                • Marcus Aurelius Lee 03.30.2017
                                  Hi Jenny,

                                  Just want to check with you,

                                  My DevExpress version is V15.2.5, so this components is suitable to update?

                                • Jenny (DevExpress Support) 03.31.2017
                                  Hello Marcus,

                                  Yes, it is suitable. Please see the Understanding the DevExpress product versions and release dates article for additional information.

                                • Mark Rodrigues 04.04.2017
                                  Is there a patch for 16.2.3 available - we can not update production very easily and we have users having related issues with latest version of Chrome 57.
                                • Mark Rodrigues 04.04.2017
                                  Also, is there a patch for 15.1.4 available?  We have an application that is still on that version.
                                • Jenny (DevExpress Support) 04.04.2017
                                  Hello Mark,

                                  Our hotfixes are full installations launched between minor versions. 

                                  >>Is there a patch for 16.2.3 available 
                                  Since the minor 16.2.6 version is available, use this to fix the issue.

                                  >>Also, is there a patch for 15.1.4 available?

                                  Use a hot fix for  v2015 vol 1.13.

                                  See also:
                                  How to request a hotfix 
                                  Understanding the DevExpress product versions and release dates
                                • Mark Rodrigues 04.04.2017
                                  But won't i then have to update references to 15.1.4 in production?
                                • Jenny (DevExpress Support) 04.04.2017
                                  Hello Mark,

                                  It is necessary to upgrade the project (you can use the Project Converter  tool) and put new assemblies to the Bin folder.
                                • Chris_M 04.04.2017
                                  HI there,

                                  Can the hotfix for 15.2.16 be used for or is is necessary to upgrade to 15.2.16 first ?
                                  Upgrading the production site may be tricky on a short timescale...
                                • Tigran Tserunyan 04.04.2017
                                  Hi, today I saw your hot fix (V14). Your solution only solve scripts execution problem (You just switched from custom field to custom attribute). But in general problem is in the custom fields usage of DOM elements (like
                                  script.executed = true;
                                  You can check it for example on forms DXMVCEditorsValues hidden input, which is sets as a field on DOM form object.
                                  So every custom field which is not set as attribute can have problems. Also at this code 
                                  window.tempScripts = []; function _aspxInitializeScripts() {     var scripts = _aspxGetIncludeScripts();     for (var i = 0; i < scripts.length; i++)         _aspxCacheIncludeScript(scripts[i]);     var startupScripts = _aspxGetStartupScripts();     for (var i = 0; i < startupScripts.length; i++)         startupScripts[i].executed = true;    tempScripts = startupScripts; } function _aspxRunStartupScriptsCore() {     var scripts = _aspxGetStartupScripts();     var code;     for (var i = 0; i < scripts.length; i++) {         if (!isScriptExecuted(scripts[i])) {             code = _aspxGetScriptCode(scripts[i]);             eval(code);             scripts[i].executed = true;         }     } tempScripts  = scripts ; }

                                  When we keep reference on scripts, all scripts work fine. Seems like it is new chrome GC problem, which clears custom fields on DOM elements.
                                • Jenny (DevExpress Support) 04.04.2017


                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T500051: Can the hotfix for 15.2.16 be used for It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

                                  @Tigran ,

                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T500052: T493066 - ASP.NET - Callbacks work unexpectedly on subsequent requests in Google Chrome 57 in certain conditions followup). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

                                • Mark Rodrigues 04.05.2017
                                  Any status on Tigran Tserunyan's comment?  I just finished upgrading our code base in dev to 16.2.6, does this update in fact correct the issue, or will there be additional fixes related to Tigran's post?  Trying to avoid upgrading entire landscape multiple times to deal with this...
                                • Jenny (DevExpress Support) 04.05.2017
                                • Mark Rodrigues 04.05.2017
                                  So is Tigran's comment not relevant? Has it been verified to not be relevant?  Or will we be doing another impromptu production upgrade in a day or two again?
                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 04.06.2017
                                  [Moved from Simon Bonanno's reply]

                                  I have a client's installation with version

                                  I added the ChromeFix_14.js fix.

                                  But looks after I refresh the page at first it works but then after a bit the problem re-happens

                                  Java Script Error :
                                  Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'id' of null
                                      at Object.ASPxClientMenuLiteRenderHelper.InlineInitializeSubMenuMenuElement (DXR.axd?r=1_187,1_101,1_180,1_150,1_130,1_136,1_99,1_98,1_172,1_178,1_163,1_170,1_121,1_137,1_105,1…:11446)
                                      at Object.ASPxClientMenuLiteRenderHelper.InlineInitializeSubMenuElements (DXR.axd?r=1_187,1_101,1_180,1_150,1_130,1_136,1_99,1_98,1_172,1_178,1_163,1_170,1_121,1_137,1_105,1…:11441)
                                      at Object.ASPxClientMenuLiteRenderHelper.InlineInitializeElements (DXR.axd?r=1_187,1_101,1_180,1_150,1_130,1_136,1_99,1_98,1_172,1_178,1_163,1_170,1_121,1_137,1_105,1…:11167)
                                      at ret.InlineInitialize (DXR.axd?r=1_187,1_101,1_180,1_150,1_130,1_136,1_99,1_98,1_172,1_178,1_163,1_170,1_121,1_137,1_105,1…:11826)
                                      at ret.AfterCreate (DXR.axd?r=1_187,1_101,1_180,1_150,1_130,1_136,1_99,1_98,1_172,1_178,1_163,1_170,1_121,1_137,1_105,1…:4159)
                                      at eval (eval at _aspxRunStartupScriptsCore (DXR.axd?r=1_187,1_101,1_180,1_150,1_130,1_136,1_99,1_98,1_172,1_178,1_163,1_170,1_121,1_137,1_105,1…:5841), <anonymous>:25:5)
                                      at _aspxRunStartupScriptsCore (DXR.axd?r=1_187,1_101,1_180,1_150,1_130,1_136,1_99,1_98,1_172,1_178,1_163,1_170,1_121,1_137,1_105,1…:5841)
                                      at _aspxRunStartupScripts (DXR.axd?r=1_187,1_101,1_180,1_150,1_130,1_136,1_99,1_98,1_172,1_178,1_163,1_170,1_121,1_137,1_105,1…:5823)
                                      at _aspxFinalizeScriptProcessing (DXR.axd?r=1_187,1_101,1_180,1_150,1_130,1_136,1_99,1_98,1_172,1_178,1_163,1_170,1_121,1_137,1_105,1…:5816)
                                      at _aspxProcessScripts (DXR.axd?r=1_187,1_101,1_180,1_150,1_130,1_136,1_99,1_98,1_172,1_178,1_163,1_170,1_121,1_137,1_105,1…:5810)
                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 04.06.2017
                                  [Moved from Carlos' comment]


                                  I got the same when first added the .js file in <head> but when I move it to the end of the html documento, before </body> it works ok.
                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 04.06.2017

                                  Currently, we don't have any confirmation that the assumptions described by Tigran may cause problems. We have not reproduced additional problems. So we are not planning additional fixes at the moment.
                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 04.06.2017


                                  As I can see, Carlos has already answered you. His suggestion is correct, so I recommend that you try it on your side. If the problem persists, please submit a new ticket with a detailed description of the problem and we will do our best to find solution.

                                • Gleb Babintcev 04.06.2017
                                  Can you post hotfix for version?
                                • Slack 04.06.2017
                                  I noticed that there is not a listed fix for DevExpress v 11.1.8 . We have one site that is currently still using this version and also experiencing Google Chrome issues. We are in the process of upgrading this site to a later version of DevExpress, but this will take some time. I was wondering if there was or could be a Hotfix in the form of a .js file for version 11.1.8? Thank you!
                                • Phillip Day 04.06.2017
                                  I need a hotfix for 16.1.7
                                • AMC VLSC 04.07.2017
                                  This script solved my problem,thanks . v13.2
                                • Axienta 04.07.2017
                                  So we need to apply the hotfix on our developer PCs?
                                • Simon Bonanno 04.07.2017
                                  Dear Helen,
                                  ChromeFix_14.js fix looks its working ok for version
                                  Needed to add the js before </body> to work
                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 04.07.2017

                                  Hi all,

                                  >>Can you post hotfix for version?

                                  Due to the specifics of the development process, we cannot add fixes to minor versions. Please refer to the How to request a hotfix link describing how hotfixes work.
                                  In your situation, you can download and install the v2015 vol 2.16 hotfix build to resolve the problem.

                                  >>I noticed that there is not a listed fix for DevExpress v 11.1.8  ... I was wondering if there was or could be a Hotfix in the form of a .js file for version 11.1.8?

                                  According to our tests, you can use the "ChromeFix_12.js" file in this version to fix this behavior. If you face difficulties with the fix, please submit a ticket in this regard and we will do our best to help you. 

                                  @Phillip Day,
                                  >>I need a hotfix for 16.1.7

                                  Please download and install the v2016 vol 1.12 hotfix build to apply the fix.

                                  >>So we need to apply the hotfix on our developer PCs?

                                  Yes, the issue can be resolved by upgrading the application or adding the fixing script to it. In other words, the solution does not require any actions from end-users (maybe, only clearing the cache after an update). 

                                  @Simon and @AMC VLSC,

                                  I'm happy to hear that the fixes helped you :)


                                • Brian Eskra 1 04.07.2017
                                  Hi, I am running  The hotfix above for version 15 is showing as v2015 vol 1.13.  When I click on download the filename shows as DevExpressComponents-15.1.12,17081.exe.   This appears to be version 1.12 and not 1.13.  I just need to make sure this is correct before downloading.  Please advise.
                                • Nicholle Peace 2 04.07.2017
                                  After applying the hotfix 2016 1.12 for this issue, I'm having issues with passing data between two pages using response redirect and this code 

                                  this.LastName.Text = Request.QueryString["LastName"];

                                  Please advise.

                                • Roberto Hastings 04.08.2017
                                  Hello, I am running v15.1.3 I do not know which hotfix install could you please advice? thanks a lot.
                                • Morgan Y 04.10.2017
                                  I'm also getting errors with the ASPxGridView and ASPxComboBox in Chrome 57. I would like to point out that I have been unable to reproduce the errors in Chrome 58 (beta) and 59 (development). Can anyone else test this and confirm?
                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 04.10.2017

                                  >>When I click on download the filename shows as DevExpressComponents-15.1.12,17081.exe.   This appears to be version 1.12 and not 1.13.

                                  Yes, the version is correct. Feel free to download it.

                                  I'm having issues with passing data between two pages using response redirect and this code this.LastName.Text = Request.QueryString["LastName"];

                                  I see that you asked this question in a separate ticket. Let's continue our conversation regarding this issue in that thread. 

                                  I am running v15.1.3 I do not know which hotfix install could you please advice?

                                  You can use the download link for v2015 vol 1.13. It points to the required hotfix build.



                                • Hoon Lee 04.10.2017

                                  >>I need a hotfix for 16.1.7
                                  >>Please download and install the v2016 vol 1.12 hotfix build to apply the fix. 

                                  Can I install v2016 vol 1.12 hotfix for 16.1.6 version?
                                • Helen (DevExpress Support) 04.11.2017

                                  Hello Hoon,

                                  Yes, you can use this hotfix build in your case.

                                • Igor Potocnik 04.11.2017
                                  I am using version of DevExpress controls. Is the hotfix for v2016 vol 1.12 ( suitable for me?

                                  Thank you for your answer,
                                • Juan Carlos Avila 2 04.11.2017
                                  I´m using version 16.2.6 and still having the same problems with Chrome 57
                                • Savannah Edwards 1 04.11.2017
                                  What is the earliest version you can supply a script for?
                                • Jose Reyes 12 04.11.2017
                                  I have a devexpress 15.2.9, which is my hotfix?, thank u!!
                                • Gabriel Medina 1 04.11.2017
                                  Hi Im using Version= But problem persist.
                                  Google chrome does not remove popup loading ...

                                  But the operation ends correctly.

                                • Gabriel Medina 1 04.11.2017
                                  Script.executed = true;
                                  In which part of my code should I place it?
                                • EBS Developer 04.12.2017
                                  I am using version and having the same problem with chrome 57. should this hot-fix of v2016 vol 1.12 will solve my problem please reply asap.
                                • Franco M. 04.12.2017
                                  I applied the patch to the previous version 15.1.5. But the problem still persist with Chrome browser.

                                  I use a ASPxComboBox with EnableCallbackMode="True". In Edge and Firefox everything works correctly. But Chrome is required.

                                  <dx:ASPxComboBox runat="server" ID="cbxCliente" ClientInstanceName="cbxCliente" DropDownStyle="DropDown" NullText="Selezionare un cliente..." TextFormatString="{0} - {1} - {2}" Width="500px" Height="22px" EnableCallbackMode="True" CallbackPageSize="10" ValueType="System.Int32" ValueField="ID_Cliente" TextField="DescrizioneCliente" OnItemRequestedByValue="cbxCliente_ItemRequestedByValue" OnItemsRequestedByFilterCondition="cbxCliente_ItemsRequestedByFilterCondition" AllowMouseWheel="False"> <ClientSideEvents SelectedIndexChanged="function(s, e) { OnClienteChanged(s); }" GotFocus="OnGotFocus" /> <Columns> <dx:ListBoxColumn FieldName="DescrizioneCliente" Caption="Cliente" Width="400px" /> <dx:ListBoxColumn FieldName="ID_Cliente" Caption="ID" Width="80px" /> <dx:ListBoxColumn FieldName="Citta" Caption="Località" Width="300px" /> <dx:ListBoxColumn FieldName="ID_Listino" Caption="Listino" Width="100px" /> </Columns> </dx:ASPxComboBox>

                                • Jose Reyes 12 04.12.2017
                                  Franco, u should try the v2015 vol 2.16  ...
                                • Jose Reyes 12 04.12.2017
                                  GABRIEL MEDINA, debes de usar el parche, la última versión no trae el parche,descarga el hotfix que ellos pusieron en este thread.
                                • Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress) 04.12.2017


                                  I have created a separate ticket to research this issue in detail (<sclink viewType="IDSubject" id="T503196 />). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly. If we find additional details related to this issue, I will update this ticket to inform the community.

                                  @EBS Developer and all who wonder about applying the fix.
                                  If you are using version 15.1 or higher, please download a corresponding hotfix from this ticket or a recent build that contains this issue fix (see the main DevExpress post in this ticket).
                                  If you are using an older version, please download the corresponding and apply

                                  v13.2.10 - v.14.2.14 - "ChromeFix_14.js"
                                  v13.1 - v13.2.9 - "ChromeFix_13.js"
                                  v12.2 - "ChromeFix_12.js"

                                  These files are attached to the main DevExpress answer in this ticket. The answer also contains the recommendations on how to include these scripts in a project. If you have difficulties with applying the fix or the fix does not solve the problem, please send us sample projects for analysis.

                                • Gabriel Medina 1 04.12.2017
                                  Gracias por tu respuesta Sonia Uribe.
                                  Cual de todos es el parche? Porque yo utilizo la version 

                                • Gabriel Medina 1 04.12.2017
                                  When I make a call by Callback, at the end is always loading and never remove the popup. THIS ONLY HAPPENS WITH CHROME.
                                  Attached sample image.
                                • Vinod Nair - CPC 04.12.2017

                                  As mentioned in the above comment, for me also same thing, loading..... . Please do the needful.

                                • Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress) 04.13.2017
                                  I see, but while images demonstrate the problem, they are not enough to determine the cause why the suggested fix does not work. Would you please send me the problematic sample project?
                                • Slack 04.13.2017
                                  I was able to apply the Chrome12 javascript file to our DevExpress 11.1.8 project and this did not correct the issues within Chrome that we are seeing with callbacks in the grids. Is there anything else we can do short of upgrading to version 12 and applying the Chrome12 javascript file fix?
                                • Pat Graham 04.13.2017
                                  I have downloaded and installed the last version of v2016 vol. 2.6 (dated by 29.03.2017) but this has not fixed the problem. I still have "Loading..." problem on callbacks.
                                  Where from I can download the hotfix for this version?
                                • Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress) 04.13.2017
                                  If you included the ChromeFix_12.js file into your application as described above, this should fix the issue. At least it worked on projects of version 11.1.X that we tested on our side. Please make sure that you included this script file in the end of a web page. If this does not help, please share the problematic application with me.

                                  Version 16.2.6 contains the fix for this issue and after upgrading you do not need to perform any additional action. If the fix does not help, would you please send me a sample that we can research to determine the cause of the problem?
                                • Srinivaasan Sundar 04.14.2017
                                  Hi ,
                                  we are using 15.2.6 earlier and we have issue with callbacks, while switching from one tab to another where both tabs show highlighted and never switched over to new tab.
                                  after upgrading to version DevExpressComponents-,  it seems to have fixed it but in certain environments we still get this issue.
                                  where the OS is Server 2012 and Chrome is v 57 - 64bit.
                                  please suggest.
                                • Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress) 04.14.2017


                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T504178: Callback issue still persists in certain servers after installing 15.2.15 hotfix). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

                                • Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress) 04.14.2017
                                  Hi all,

                                  Recently we reported this issue to the Chromium team. It looks like they are aware of this problem and working on it. Please see this thread for additional details.
                                • Gabriel Medina 1 04.14.2017
                                  I have downloaded and installed the last version of v2016 vol. 2.6  but this has not fixed the problem. I still have "Loading..." 

                                  What would be the solution? 
                                • R&D 04.16.2017
                                  Same here. I downloaded, installed and upgraded my project to the latest version of v16.2.6, but still, the loading problem persists.
                                • Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress) 04.17.2017

                                  @Gabriel Medina
                                  I see that you already submitted a separate ticket with details and my colleague is already working on it. I am sure he will address this issue in the best way. Please follow his recommendation and provide the requested information. The ticket is private and available only to you and DevExpress stuff.

                                  @Yue KL
                                  Would you please send me the problematic project to analyze?

                                • Joseph DeSantis 1 04.19.2017
                                  I think we had a bug the last few weeks that was related to this. It was occurring on Chrome browser. When logging into the website, if we exported a grid to PDF then attempted to use a combo box, the combo would randomly fail to do anything. Hitting refresh a few times eventually would get the combo box to perform correctly. Which obviously is a bad solution.

                                  So I just converted from 16.2.3 to 16.2.6 and so far we can not recreate the issue. 

                                  Thought it was worth posting here in case it was related to this issue mentioned above.
                                • Dejan Petrovic 5 04.19.2017
                                  Hello people,

                                  Meanwhile, this morning Google has pushed new version of Chrome Version 58.0.3029.81 and it seems that all problems disappears.
                                  It saved us a lot of trouble(I hope).
                                • Slaven Batnozic 04.20.2017
                                  DevEx, can you confirm that problem is solved in Chrome 58? 
                                • Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress) 04.20.2017

                                  Hi All,

                                  We tested several problematic projects that we used in our research before, and they all work well in Chrome 58. It looks like the chromium team fixed this issue on their side.
                                  Do not hesitate to contact me if you still have difficulties with this issue.

                                • Stefan Johansson 04.21.2017
                                  I'm using 15.2.14. Is this fixed in 15.2.15? Or should I first update to 15.2.15 and then apply the hotfix? Or apply the hotfix and then update to 15.2.15?
                                • Stefan Johansson 04.21.2017
                                  I now saw that this is fixed in 15.2.16. When will this be released?
                                • Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress) 04.21.2017

                                  Hi Stefan,

                                  Version 15.2 is not maintained anymore and we do not plan to release its official fixes. I recommend you download and install a hotfix for the latest version 15.2.15. The hotfix is attached to this ticket.

                                • Stefan Johansson 04.21.2017

                                  Do I have to upgrade from 15.2.14 to 15.2.15 first? Or, can I install the hotfix directly on 15.2.14?

                                • Vova (DevExpress Support) 04.21.2017

                                  Hello Stefan,

                                  You can install the hotfix for your current 15.2.14 version.

                                • Eric Scallin 04.21.2017
                                  We just upgraded to 16.1.11 a couple of weeks ago in order to get VS2017 compatibility.  Can we use the 16.1.12 hotfix or do we have to upgrade to that first?
                                • John Lathem 04.22.2017
                                  We were also experiencing this problem.  We just discovered that Chrome version 58.0.3029.81 is available, and so far seems to work correctly.
                                • Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress) 04.24.2017

                                  I suggest you install the hotfix for version 16.1 attached to this ticket and upgrade your application to the installed version. It also has version 16.1.11, but its last number is 17081 (the full version number is Note that your application should still reference assemblies of version, but not I recommend you use the Project Converter tool to upgrade your project. The tool correctly updates all references. Please refer to How to request a hotfix to learn more about hotfixes.

                                  Thank you for finding the time to confirm that now all works well.

                                • Mark Newmister 1 04.24.2017
                                  Last week I upgraded our controls to  We are still experiencing Chrome issues...should this be the case with this base version or is there a hot fix for this as well?
                                • Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress) 04.25.2017


                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T507678: A callback issue still occurs in Chrome after upgrading to version It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

                                • Michal Ukropec 06.21.2017
                                  The issue occurs on also. Not only in Chrome, but even Opera and Firefox have this type of problem. Edge browser works fine.

                                  I was able to repair behaviour without hotfix or additional scripts via setting both CallbackPanel properties, EnableClientSideAPI and HideContentOnCallback values to true. Hope this helps someone.
                                • Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress) 06.22.2017

                                  Hello Michal,

                                  I appreciate you sharing this solution with the community. If the issue still occurs on your side, we'd like to research it. I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (Callbacks work unexpectedly on subsequent requests in Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera) to clarify the details.