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                                  • Hi.  I am currently using the coderush for roslyn trial, and am interested in purchasing.

                                    Ive been using it all day to extract strings into resource files.  It was working all morning until I came upon a very large project (probably has 50+ forms, yielding 50+ resource files).

                                    When I go to refactor a string into the resource file from there, it pulls up the massive list of resources files, and I have to find the correct one (screenshot below).

                                    When I select ANY resource file in this massive project, the command does nothing.  No refactoring, no error, nothing.

                                    1. Is it possible to get this fixed?
                                    2. Is there any way to filter that giant list?  Another possible solution woudl be to somehow make a keyboard shortcut that would extract the string to a specific resource file, without the need for me to select it (i would change the hotkey as i switch between them).


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                                • Alex Z (DevExpress) 01.27.2017


                                  Please send us CodeRush log files. You can get to them using "CodeRush\Support\Settings Folder..."
                                  It would be also helpful if you can specify which resource file you select when "Extract String to Resource" is not producing results.
                                  I have found that "Extract String to Resource" shows resx files which correspond to Windows Forms controls, however I think that you need to extract the string to the Resources.resx file located in the Properties folder, is this correct?

                                • Greg Robertson 01.27.2017

                                  I will attach the log files.  To clarify

                                  1. When I have my very large project loaded (as seen in the attached png). It does not matter what resource file I select.  They are all a total no-op and do not do anything.

                                  2. I installed 'coderush legacy' (trial) or whatever its called, and it does work to accomplish this task.  The software is near unusable for me (my solution has ~500 projects).  Worth noting, when I go to use the 'extract to resx' command in coderush legacy, it does not prompt me with 50+ options for what resx file to use, because the list is filtered out to not show resource files associated with controls.  Coderush rosylin should have this functionality as well (in my opinion)

                                • Alex Z (DevExpress) 01.27.2017


                                  Thank you for your clarification. I agree with you that resx files associated with controls should not be shown.
                                  We are working on this issue and will inform you of our progress. Please bear with us.

                                • Greg Robertson 01.27.2017

                                  Attached is the log files.  I checked it out, and its looking for some png resources files in suprising locations.  I'm going to investigate those.

                                • Greg Robertson 01.27.2017

                                  So i ran an expirament and tried using visual studio without any drive mapping (to simplify things).  According to the log, coderush is looking for the image resources in just the wrong path.  In the first log, it was looking for


                                  When the file was actually in p:\pcs\oscopesupport\Resources\TestReject48.png.

                                  I'll note that devenv was invoked via the command line in this situation (by referencing the solution).

                                  When I navigated to the solution location in explorer, it now looks for the images in a different (still wrong) location, bieng


                                  Whent he file was actually located:


                                  I think the app is trying to find items relative to the current working directory as opposed to the base path of the project file?  It has somethign to do with root path's.

                                • Gerhard Schumacher 01.27.2017

                                  I just want to report that I have exactly the same behavior of CodeRush for Roslyn (V16.2.4).
                                  In smaller (new) projects, it seems to work (except that it also shows the controls' resources files which is not nice).
                                  In other existing projects, 'Extract String to Resources" doesn't do anything if the resources file you choose already exists. However, it works as it should if you select 'Extract String to Resources (new resources file)'.
                                  I use VS2015.

                                • Alex Z (DevExpress) 01.30.2017

                                  Thank you for the additional information. We can reproduce this issue when images are used in the resource files.
                                  We will research this issue and ways to fix it. Please give us some.

                                • Greg Robertson 01.31.2017

                                  Hi.  How long does it take for a hotfix to be prepared?  It's been 2 days.

                                  Also, does this fix just fix the issue with image files,  or also the issue where the list has way too many resx files to choose from.


                                • Alex X (DevExpress) 02.01.2017

                                  Hi Greg,

                                  Please accept my apologies for the delay in publishing the hotfix. Now it is available.
                                  The fix fixes the problem with image files and also improves the file suggestions list so it will now filter resx files associated with controls. We will also research the possibility of implementing the file name filtering for this list to make it easy to find the exact resource file for extracting.

                                • Gerhard Schumacher 02.01.2017

                                  Hi Alex,
                                  my first tests show this works like a charm now. Thanks a lot to the developer team.
                                  Greg, thanks for the initial bug posting.
                                  This helps a lot.

                                • Alex X (DevExpress) 02.01.2017

                                  Hi Gerhard,

                                  Thank you for trying the hotfix. I'm happy to hear that the problem went away.

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