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                                  • Attempting to use "Split Conditional" deletes comments right in front of the conditional expression, which is something that should probably not happen.

                                    Given the following sample code:

                                    int i = 42; // check for numbers between 1 and 299 to... if (i > 0 && i < 300) { }

                                    Placing the cursor on the && and invoking "Split Conditional" causes the following code to be generated:

                                    int i = 42; if (i > 0) if (i < 300) { }

                                    The preview window even shows the comment being deleted, but it doesn't really make sense.
                                    I'd expect the comment to stay where it is.

                                • Alex Z (DevExpress) 01.24.2017


                                  Thank you for your report, I agree with you that this can be improved. I have passed this ticket to our developers for fixing.

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