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                                  • Hi,

                                    I know I can be hard customer sometimes with loads of tickets, so in the light of 16.2 release and near the end of 2016, I would like to do something different for a change.

                                    I would like to express my excitement about 16.2 release. I have been using alpha and beta rather intense in both Win and Web platforms and I can not remember when so many goodies were coming in single release. It is possible that this time many more things affect me than usual, but never the less - I absolutely love 16.2.

                                    Let me just quickly mention several things that excite me the most:
                                     - startup improvements of Win application (model caching)
                                     - ability to custom group Actions in model (as well as other nodes separately)
                                     - ability to edit reports (massive excitement generator - please make sure reports team get this one :-))
                                     - improvements of new web ui and color schemes
                                     - navigation permissions and PermissionPolicy (ok, PP is not 16.2 - but it got my attention in combination with navigation permissions so it is just a bonus)
                                     - InstantFeedback mode - I love it!
                                     - improved filter control on web - real beauty
                                     - mobile support (not born in 16.2, but got serious enough to take my attention)
                                     - Visual Studio 2017 support (another nice bonus)

                                    and basically everything else.

                                    Some seriously amazing stuff was done for 16.2 - huge cudos!

                                    Also, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for support you provided in last couple of months helping me with some long-term issues I could not squash for months or even years.
                                    So, thank you for that.

                                    Best regards and keep doing amazing job,

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                                Hello Mario,

                                Thank you for your warm comments and taking the time to thoroughly test early v16.2 bits. My team and I greatly appreciate this!