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                                  • I'm using CodeRush for Roslyn in Visual Studio 2015, and I'm typing along happily until I get to a place where I want to type
                                    return reallyLongAndAnnoyingVariableName;

                                    So what I do is type:
                                    return reall;

                                    At this point I expect the IntelliSense popup to close when I type the semicolon, and for the autocomplete expansion to happen, yielding
                                    return reallyLongAndAnnoyingVariableName;

                                    But what actually happens is that I get exactly what I typed, and the IntelliSense popup is still present.

                                    I have both IntelliSense settings in CodeRush set to "Always expand IntelliSense", so that's not why the completion is being suppressed.

                                • Alex Eg (DevExpress) 08.29.2016

                                  Hi Dale,
                                  I have tried to reproduce the issue but failed. Here is a screencast:
                                  Can you please disable the 'Smart Semicolon' feature in Options (CodeRush\Options\Editor\Smart Semicolon) and see if the issue persists?

                                • Dale McCoy 08.30.2016

                                  It's an intermittent failure, but turning off Smart semicolon does seem to help.

                                  So far I've determined that autocompletion fails inside switch blocks, but not outside them. I'll update as I figure out more about this.

                                • Alex Eg (DevExpress) 08.30.2016

                                  Hi Dale,
                                  Thank you for the update. It would be great if you send us a code sample where 'Smart Semicolon' breaks auto-completion. I hope it would be enough to have a source file even if it doesn't compile.

                                • Dale McCoy 08.30.2016

                                  It's a keyword instead of a variable name, but here's a snippet:

                                  static bool Check(string[] args)
                                      switch (args.Length)
                                          case 0:
                                              return /* type «fa;» here*/

                                  When I type fa; in the indicated location, I expect it to expand and give me "return false;"
                                  With Smart semicolon turned on, the expansion does not happen, and the Intellisense popup remains present.
                                  With Smart semicolon off, the expansion happens correctly.

                                • Alex Eg (DevExpress) 08.31.2016

                                  Hi Dale,
                                  Thank you for the efforts you devoted to help us replicate the issue. I have reproduced the bug with the provided code snippet and our team are working on it. We will get back to you once we have results.

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